Libertarian Commentary on the News, 20 August 2015, #15-33d: civility and abuse and more

By Nathan Barton

Islamic wars, to start with:

Scott put me on to this one before it came up in the hourly news.  The Caliphate (ISIS), those wonderful followers of that old guy in Arabia from the 600s AD, have spent a month torturing an 82-year-old archeologist, apparently a Muslim himself, as they interrogated him to get him to reveal the location where ancient artifacts from Palmyra (an ancient Roman site in modern Syria) were stored.  They gave up, beheaded him, and put his body on display on a Roman pillar in the ancient city, as reported by the Guardian. Related to this, apparently Dr. Ron Paul has “confirmed” that the US Government supported the Caliphate, in a recording now on YouTube. What a wonderful way to promote peace and culture and education. And by the way, what a bunch of pedophiles in THAT organization!

Meanwhile, some obnoxious group calling themselves “Occupy Democrats” has twisted this accusation, and even the relatively simple one that US withdrawal from Mesopotamia facilitated the rise and success of the Caliphate, into another great example of “Blame Bush,” which is typical of the group.  I get incredibly sick of the way Republicans and Democrats viciously attack each other, as they fight over who gets to loot the taxpayers (private and business). Well, more about them later – in a rant, probably. Their vitriol makes jihadist preachers blowing off steam about the Great Satan and the Lesser Satan look pretty tame. (Please note, I am NOT saying these guys are as bad as the Islamists. But no politician, nor their rabid followers, are exactly models of civility, tolerance, or kindness.)

Ah, so should this surprise anyone?  An adultery-coordinating website was hacked and the hackers have followed up on their promise to release the data about subscribers, according to CNS News. And my, oh my, of the millions of customers who got outed, there are tens of thousands of people with *.gov and *.mil e-mail addresses: government employees (no doubt including political appointees and politicians of BOTH old parties) and – not unexpected, but disgusting nonetheless – scumbags in uniform.  Once upon a time, adultery was (and still should be) a CRIME for government officials, including military personnel.  If someone is willing to betray their word or vow, and break one of the most essential of human contracts, then they have NO HONOR and cannot be trusted with ANYTHING that has to do with defending the Republic, or properly using any resources given to them (stupidly or not) by the taxpayers.  And yes, that applies to such “heroes” as D.D. Eisenhower and J.F.Kennedy: scumbags one and all, even if they mostly hid it during their lifetimes.  One more reason that we cannot afford to allow government to continue to exist.

The New York Times is seeking another way to blacken the ownership, bearing, and use of arms, with a smarmy little article about “a culture clash over guns” in hicksville: the “backcountry” which includes the suburbs of Denver and Salt Lake City.

An interesting Nazgul moment in Arizona: apparently Arizona’s supreme Nazguls (Supreme Court) has decided that the cops were wrong when they got a felon to agree to a “consensual search” and put him in prison for having a concealed weapon. Or so Arizona Central reports. Amazingly, they decided that the cops violated the guy’s Fourth Amendment rights, because he was not engaged in any criminal activity at the time, and was not viewed as a threat to them. While this is (for once) a good and proper decision, I wonder how many more innocent people in Arizona will die at the hands of police who don’t want to get dragged into court. (And I also wonder what the cops are going to pay for stealing 2-1/2 years of this guy’s life, and probably his gun as well.)

Mama’s Note: Sadly, we all know that the taxpayers are the only ones actually punished for such behavior, rare as it is. But I had not thought of the other possible “unintended consequence” you bring up. We both know that the potential for police to simply stop violating rights is the impossible dream, so they’ll think up even worse things to do to avoid being dragged into court. And I still can’t figure out just why the cops in Arizona, Utah and Idaho are so exceptionally bad at this.

Racist? Well, according to some people, a rather flippant Facebook post by a Texas official, reported in The Blaze is, and offensive as well, because he compared peace with Japan since 1945 to the lack of peace between the West and the Dar Al-Islam (Muslim world, or Ummah), and hinting at a similar effort to establish peace (hint: through superior firepower). Strange, but the guy isn’t backing down: says he has nothing to apologize for, which further angers his political opponents. Of course, if they had the votes to get him punished for the post, he wouldn’t be in office right now anyway.

I don’t know if I would agree with their methodology, but the calculations DO make you think.  Freedom Force shows how the clean-up of the Gold King Mine Animas River Spill could cost between 300 million and 28 billion dollars to clean up – every dime funneled through EPA by Congress, using money stolen from taxpayers to fix the mess that EPA caused.  Other stories point out this is not the first time EPA has made a hash of it, “cleaning up” old mines in the Colorado Rockies.

Michelle Malkin, on CNS News has a good review of the last six-plus years of EPA criminality, from the White House right on down, which is worth reading and pondering on it. The record is a sickening one, but we must remember that, Democrat or Republican, the EPA has been a tool for power and greed since it was established by Nixon in 1970: 45 years ago.  Some of her review is very timely, seeing as what is happening to Subway’s ex-spokesman for his child-sex activities (see the WaPo for details), while EPA employees get away scot-free or even get promoted after being charged and convicted.

I wish we could deal with EPA and government thugs so easily, as this convenience store owner did. NBC Philadelphia has some great surveillance video footage of two would-be “ninja” thugs who tried to rob a neighborhood store with a machete, only to have the owner come at them with a scimitar and chase them out.  As Mama Liberty notes, he is fortunate that they did not in turn whip out a pistol.  Of course, they may have had one and just panicked anyway: cold steel has an unnerving effect on many people – especially when it is long and sharp.

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