Libertarian Commentary on the News, #15-36B: Fractured and fracturing

By Nathan Barton

No, I’m not referring to “fracking,” the nickname for a common and valuable (though hated) method of completing oil and gas wells.

I ceased long ago to refer to us as the “united States” – preferring to use the phrase, the “Fifty States” to describe the former federal republic that is now dead.  Sometimes, there are a fair number of news items that remind us that the once-great nation is rapidly dividing, not by state lines but by often hard-to-define moral and political issues, for which there is little or no possibility of reconciliation or healing.

Mama’s Note: Unfortunately, the united States was never any kind of “great nation,” but always various collectives intent on controlling the ordinary people and everything else. Since that was the original purpose of the constitution, no “reconciliation” is possible. Why would free people want to compromise with slavery?

The endless number of factions attempting to control everything around them will guarantee that there is no healing until that very situation goes away. The sooner ordinary people realize that NONE of these warring factions and big shots have any legitimate authority over them… the sooner things may begin to resolve.

Consider the new offensive that Planned Parenthood has launched to combat efforts to stop federal funding (and state funding) of this most evil of new religions, as reported by CNS News, Planned Parenthood wants both fedgov and state governments to defund abstinence programs.  I don’t know whether this is so that they have more potential customers, or if they are sincere in believing (wrongly) that abstinence is morally wrong (remember, there HAVE been past religions, such as found in Canaan, Phoenicia, and later Carthage, that in essence DID believe, teach, and practice that).  Apparently, though, they seem to think that “two can play at this game.”

Mama’s Note: What both sides seem to forget is that nobody has any legitimate authority to impose their particular morals or plans on others. Anyone can OFFER to teach something, but nobody can honestly be compelled to accept it. PP and too many others seem to think they can and should.

This is apparently a plan that Democrats are willing to go along with.  Their attitude is “don’t bother me with facts.” CNS News also reports that of 2,000 Democratic staffers personally invited to see the nine Planned Parenthood videos (done by the Center for Medical Progress), only three actually showed up to watch them.  Wonder if they drew straws, or are these potential defectors?  Shucks, I’ve had better results inviting atheists to a Gospel meeting! Of course, the GOP talks a better line, but look at their actual votes and action – they care no more about lives lost than the Dems do.

Speaking of “don’t bother me with facts,” apparently that squatter from DC, now in Alaska for another “working vacation” (or is that, vacating work?) is telling the people of a community 26 miles ABOVE the Arctic Circle that solar power is the solution to their high energy costs, according to CNS News.  The guy is in the area to mumble about “climate change”, and supposedly the first occupant of 1600 PA to venture NORTH of the Arctic Circle.  Maybe he could just stay there?  He and his gang are continuing to push the bogus horror of manmade global warming AND the bogus promise of solar power.  Because BOTH support more government.

Another example of the severe split in the nation is the Kentucky County Clark we’ve discussed a bit. Ironic that she turns out to be a Democrat, according to World Net Daiy, and that now vast numbers of Republicans support her while the Dem party condemns her for her “lawlessness.” Indeed, this week just before she was released from jail (under dubious circumstances), two GOP presidential candidates visited her, while other GOP candidates condemned her for lawlessness.

Some places, NEED to be split off from the rest of the nation. California is too far gone for anything short of a massive (and probably bloody) revolution to change for the better. Consider the next story:

Thanks to Scott for this: news from the People’s Democratic Republic of California, where the tyranny grows by leaps and bounds: Natural News reports a bill seemed certain to pass, either denying employment or throwing adults in jail if they refuse certain government mandated vaccinations. Natural News (again, remember that this is not always a reliable source) says: “Senate Bill 792, also known as the “Day care facilities: immunizations: exemptions” act, was presented quietly alongside SB 277, eliminating personal, philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions for children attending both private and public schools in the Golden State. This bill, commencing 01 September 2016, would prohibit a day care center or a family day care home from employing any person not immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles. If passed, SB 792 would represent the first adult vaccine mandate in the U.S. disallowing exemptions for personal reasons, and threatening criminal penalties for those failing or refusing to comply.”

Now, keep in mind, this has NOT YET PASSED.  Although it is claimed to have wide support, Natural News and others are seeking to oppose it and keep it from becoming law.  But as Scott and others have pointed out, it is yet another warning. California is NOT a good place to be. If at all possible, and barring a revolution to overthrow the tyranny existing and growing there, people need to vote with their feet and LEAVE.  Especially if they have children or businesses.  Sell or relocate your business before it is stolen by government.  Take your children to freedom before they are stolen by government – even IF they are homeschooled or schooled privately.  It is that bad.  One of the best things that could happen in the next few years (barring a libertarian revolution in the state) would be for California to be separated from the rest of the Fifty States, or broken up into three or four states (again, a revolutionary action).

Fracturing occurs in many ways. In today’s economy, government workers, and workers of companies that contract with government are a special privileged class. In honor of Labor Day, the squatter at 1600 PA ordered paid sick leave for workers at federal contractors, according to the Los Angeles Times …to announce a new step toward increased benefits for workers — ordering companies that do business with the government to provide paid sick leave for their employees. The move, which he announced with labor leaders in Boston, adds to a series of executive actions taken and comes as Congress resists legislation to change labor conditions and pay to cover all private-sector workers. This pushes many firms completely OUT of being able to get federal contracts, since they cannot afford to pay health insurance, much less paid sick leave, for ALL of their work. So the beltway bandits can get rid of MORE competition, even for small projects.

The Fifty States are not the only place we see fragmentation and breaking of bonds. Consider the current crisis over “Syrian” refugees in Europe. Lew Rockwell’s recent column [] asks, “What’s the Endgame?” Daniel McAdams writes in part: “Watching live footage of the “refugees” arriving in Munich, it is difficult not to be struck by how non refugee-like they look. Many are well shod in expensive-looking western sneakers, wearing Adidas and other western name-brand clothing, fingering their smart phones. Mostly men of, as they say, fighting age. What few women we do see appear mostly fashionably dressed with healthy and happy looking babies.” Depending on who you believe, this “refugee” crisis is the meltdown of Europe, or the comeupance of the arrogant various nations.  The “refugees” seem to be a real mix of extremely impoverished and the well to do. Mama Liberty wrote: I don’t watch any of the videos, of course, so wasn’t aware of this… Very interesting.” Other commentators point out that unlike European nations (Icelandic private citizens accepting thousands, Germany announcing it will take almost 900,000!!!), not a SINGLE wealthy Islamic country has agreed to take a SINGLE one: Kuwait, Qatar, the Sauds, Bahrain,etc. And none of them seem to be wanting to go to Libya or Algeria or Turkey or Morocco. Yeah, I can see them not wanting to go from the frying pan into the fire in Lebanon or Mesopotamia or Kurdistan or even Egypt or Jordan. And I can even see where those nations might be unwilling to add more problems to their own massive ones. But come on – why just Europe (and, no doubt, the US)? Stars & Stripes [] tells us that the EU seeks agreements for their member nations to “share” 160,000 refugees immediately (and more to come); old US bases in Germany are being used to warehouse some, to the anger of the refugees, who desire better accomodation. Some point out that this is NOT a matter of real refugees, not just based on their wealth and health, but on their destinations. They don’t even want to go to the Balkans or Central Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, etc.). No, they want Germany or Sweden (Denmark is actually running ads telling them they wouldn’t like it there!). This is, some argue, not refugees, but invaders: spreading Islam by various methods, leading in turn to fracturing already splintering European nations. They may be right.


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