Politics and government – it’s not the waste water treatment plant you smell

Libertarian Commentary, #16-06C, 11 February 2016 By Nathan Barton

In 2016, people are learning (again!) that politics is dirty and stinks “to high heaven,” offending the nostrils of God and anyone with any brains.

New Hampshire, with just 1.3 million (not even as much as SD and WY put together) is the tail that wags the dog politically in this country. And it is, despite Free State Project claims, as dirty and corrupt as any other in the nation. World Net Daily one big stinker from Tuesday: Even though avowed Socialist Sanders beat quasi-Socialist Clinton 60 to 38, SHE has more delegates to the Demo’s national convention from NH: 15 to 13 thanks to the Democrats’ method of ensuring that the elites rule (oligarchy): she has six of eight “superdelegates.”

Mama’s Note: Nobody saying anything more that I can see about the miracle of all the “coin tosses” going to Hitlery. Not that a coin toss is even relevant – just more evidence of corruption. And by irrelevant, I mean superfluous… there is so much evidence already… you can’t wet a river. Mighty curious.

The news of the GOP side is equally surprising. Not only did Kasich of Ohio (yes, that bastion of liberty!) come in second to Trump (now being advertised by many as the reincarnation of Uncle Joe or Herr Schnicklegruber), showing that the Establishment GOP (their version of the superdelegates, except they run the place year-around and not just during conventions) (aka RINOs) is still very powerful. But the pins are falling: Christie bailed out on Wednesday (WaPo,) and so did Fiorina (WaPo). Pundits are saying that Carson isn’t long for this world, and claim that Rubio and Cruz are both much weaker than they were on Monday. As a result, everyone is spazzing out over November already. Seriously, folks, how can Trump be any WORSE than the last half-dozen or so? Or even Sanders?

On to a different smell: In Colorado, supposedly a place where medical marijuana has been legal for years, and even recreational cannabis has been legal for pushing two years now, we have this report from The Free Thought Project. A Colorado teenager named Coltyn Turner just celebrated the 22nd month of his debilitating Crohn’s Disease being in remission, after beginning cannabis oil treatment. Turner’s recovery has been nothing less than miraculous, as he had been so ill from his Crohn’s, he had been confined to a wheelchair. Coltyn reportedly said that he’d rather be “illegally alive than legally dead.” You see, “underage” (less than 21) people aren’t allowed to have even medical cannabis. It is “to protect the children,” of course. There is something stinky here, and it is NOT the smell of burning pot, folks.

Sometimes the bureaucracy stinks more than other times. Consider this report from True Activist (but as always take anything from that website with a grain of salt). It seems that employees at NASA who are saying they legally have the right to use the word “Jesus” as they please, including in the government agency’s newsletter. In mid-2015, NASA attorneys told the Christian club, JSC Praise and Worship Club, that they needed to refrain from using the word “Jesus” in NASA newsletters, which are circulated by email. This demand was prompted after the group included “Jesus” in their club announcement last year, saying that the theme for the next meeting would be, “Jesus is our life.” Notice this was just a news announcement, NOT a teaching or promotional article.  NASA’s “reasoning” is to avoid being accused of violating the Establishment Clause in the Constitution. The club was told that any future announcements featuring the word “Jesus” would be censored. Now, nearly a year later, the group has recruited Liberty Institute’s legal team to fight against what they say is “religious discrimination.” Jeremy Dys, an attorney from Liberty Institute, told Fox News that after the religious club offered to put in a disclaimer every time they use the word “Jesus,” affirming that this is not the official endorsement of NASA, they were denied. It was after this incident they then sought help from the legal group. I don’t think this is so much a war on “Christianity” as it is bureaucrats that are working so hard to CYA that they do stupid things like this. In the past, if you wanted to have much to do with space, NASA was about your only choice – except the Air Force, or one of their contractors. Today, there are several private companies that are getting into space, and not all with NASA or military contractors. It is time for NASA employees to bail out and let the agency sink further into the mire with EPA and all the rest of the stupid bureaucracy. NASA stinketh as much as any other government agency, and more than many.

The stench of tyranny in the Northwest? The Kansas City Star reports from Oregon that the Mahlour Refuge occupiers said on Wednesday that they’ll turn themselves in. The last four armed occupiers of a national wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon said they would turn themselves in Thursday morning after FBI and law enforcement officers surrounded them in a tense standoff. The development came as Cliven Bundy — who led a Nevada standoff with federal officers in 2014 and who is also the father of the jailed leader of the Oregon standoff — was arrested in Portland. The Oregonian reports he now faces a conspiracy charge of interfering with a federal officer related to that standoff at his ranch.” Funny: two years? Where has that warrant been? If the FBI were actually “law enforcement” and NOT political goons, we’d see Clinton arrested long before Bundy.

Mama’s Note: Frankly, there are not enough jails and prisons to hold all of the stinking hulks that infest the land, calling themselves politicians and bureaucrats. And in a free society that would remain after their incarceration, who could be counted on to pay the bills to keep them all alive in a humane manner? I just hope that people can actually be faced with such a dilemma someday.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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