Disgusting habits

Libertarian Commentary #16-06B by Nathan Barton

Americans have this disgusting habit of politicizing everything, especially commercials for food, and people and businesses who sell food. Remember the bakers who are being punished for not baking ‘same-sex wedding’ cakes and Chik-fil-A? And I hear that the latest GOP wanna-be-boss debates featured a question about which Super Bowl team the candidates favored. Now, a pro-choice (pro-abortion) group is crying foul over Doritos commercial “ultrasound” for the Super Bowl.

According to Fox News, “A pro-choice group kicked off a corn chip controversy Sunday night when it mocked a Doritos commercial as being ‘anti-choice’ for using the ‘tactic of humanizing fetuses.’ Some viewers laughed, while others were a little put off by the ‘Ultrasound’ ad, which showed a fictitious fetus kicking around in the womb as its oblivious and expectant father munched on Doritos. But few took the advertisement as seriously as NARAL Pro-Choice America, which tweeted ‘#NotBuyingIt — that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. #SB50.’ The tweet (part of a barrage criticizing various aspects of Super Bowl commercials seen as sexist or anti-choice) received 348 retweets and 325 favorites.” [Steve Trinward noted: I am pro-choice and thought it was hilarious, as did a variety of people at the Super Bowl party I attended; NARAL needs to get a clue.]

I am a bit more disgusted by it. It is okay to “humanize” roadrunners and coyotes and mice and even trains (Thomas the Tank Engine) and cars and planes (all those Pixar movies) but NOT an immature, unborn human? I guess they are afraid of the “Bambi” meme? Steve is right about NARAL getting a life: or at least a clue.

Mama’s Note: Not having had a TV for at least 20 years, and not having any interest at all in such “sports,” I missed the whole thing. The proper response to any advertisement is, of course, to buy or not buy the product. And I have to laugh at such hypocrites after years of seeing every animal and plant possible being “humanized” in so many ways, seeking ever to control actual human beings. Sorry folks, I do not accept a molecule of the false guilt.

We also tend to “monetize” everything, too. As we see in this article. Of course, Forbes IS a financial magazine, but still: The “War on Terror” has cost US taxpayers $1.7 trillion: “According to data compiled by the Mercatus Center citing the Congressional Research Service, the cost of global ‘War on Terror’ operations (including both Afghanistan and Iraq) since 2001 had reached about $1.6 trillion by FY2014. When war funding approved by Congress for FY2015 is taken into account, the total reaches $1.7 trillion.” Of course, even from a MONETARY point of view the “WoT” has cost a LOT more: thousands of productive lives cut off or diverted due to injury and maiming, and of course, the moral damage done across the board to millions of people. It is horrifying to hear what should be good and honest and loving people (and often are in their own daily lives) pray for military success that results in the killing and maiming and wounding and economic destruction visited upon hundreds of thousands of people already bowed under the tyranny of their “leaders,” whether rebels, or Caliphate or Assad or whomever…

Of course, it is yet another bad habit to try and “governmentize” everything, too. The Hill tells us that the guy squatting in the White House seeks $1.8 billion to fight Zika virus. “The White House is seeking $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the Zika virus, hoping to halt the spread of the relatively unknown disease. [Maybe, but not without the efforts of MSM to frighten people about it a dozen times a day for the past three weeks!] The mosquito-borne virus, which was recently declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization, has infected 51 people in the United States, as of last Friday. While the virus causes mild symptoms in adults, it has been linked to birth defects in newborns as well as the paralyzing condition Guillain Barré syndrome in adults.” This isn’t a “government fight” but it IS an excuse – an opportunity – to get more money and more power on the part of the Executive Branch. Fear loosens pocketbooks.

Mama’s Note: Anybody remember the Ebola scare? All the money, lives and property involved in that? It was a much larger and more terrible threat than this Zika thing, and a real tragedy for those who were infected, but it was obviously used as an excuse to both monitize and governmentize everything the politicians and bureaucrats could get their hands on. When they could no longer sustain the hype and panic, it dropped off the radar within days. This will too. For one thing, most people have got so much else to worry about, so much that is really in their face and directly related to their own situation, the fear mongering just doesn’t work like it used to. This is a good thing.


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