Culture wars are really wars against liberty

By Nathan Barton

This year, more than ever, Halloween has been a warm-up exercise for the annual “War against Christmas” and the usual scrubbing of truth in history for Thanksgiving.  We usually identify these as part of the culture wars being waged in the Fifty States (and elsewhere) by the Tranzis and their allies.

A number of examples can be seen at Campus Reform providing a long list of universities which cracked down on politically-incorrect Halloween costumes: essentially anything related to selected ethnic or cultural or religious minorities.  For example, Mexican, Japanese, AmerInd and Muslim costumes are vorboten. But there is no prohibition on LDS, Viking, Western (cowboy), Catholic or Orthodox, Scots or Irish or Italian costumes.  Food and drink choices are also apparently limited in some places: tacos, hummus, margaritas, fortune cookies, fried chicken, and refritos are apparently “cultural appropriation” while beer, haggis, lutefisk, vodka, pizza, uisge (whiskey), and piroskis are not.  (Some cultures are more equal and deserving of protection from being appropriated and mocked by society than others: Scots, Irish, German, Russian, Italian, New England Yankee, and Texan are all fair game.  Mexican and Japanese and Arab and Zulu and any of the AmerInd cultures are to be protected.  As is Deep South black and Ghetto.)

In just a few weeks, we will again be told that “Thanksgiving” is all about secular Pilgrims thanking their “Native American” hosts for saving them from starvation, and nothing at all to do with thanking God.  And thereafter, the usual “secular” versus “religious” Christmas/Winter Holiday season will be going full-bore.  (Please note, I don’t have a dog in the fight: I neither believe that the Christ was born on 25 December (or 6 January), nor that we are supposed to celebrate His birth.  Nor was I ever taught to believe in Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas. Nor to observe the Winter Soltice, Mithras, nor Kwanzaa.)

This all ties to those progressive ideas of political correctness, the protection of (as Mama Liberty calls them) those precious little snowflakes in schools and colleges, and the “right” of people not to be offended by anything which anyone says or does.  All of this trumps any and all REAL human freedoms, such as speech, religion, keeping and bearing arms, protection against government and its thugs (rule by law, facing accusers, fair trials, juries, etc.), and privacy.

There is NO “right to not be offended,” and indeed we can argue that free speech and free religion are forms of a “right to BE offended.”  And as with cultures, there is a Tranzi pecking order when it comes to being offended.  A burning cross is offensive and must be punished (not because the cross is a “Christian religious symbol” but because it is “fascist” and “racist”).  But a burning flag is protected free speech – unless of course it is a Mexican flag and not a stars and stripes or southern cross. It is okay for a “homophobe” to be offended by seeing two men kissing and making out in public, but NOT for homosexuals to be offended by someone preaching against their behavior in a worship assembly or class.
What all this means is that the war on culture is really just a campaign or theatre of the war on liberty.

Supporting people’s “right not to be offended” and “right to not feel threatened” are nothing more than an excuse to take away our basic liberties. The war on culture is a war on freedom.

Mama’s Note: Just part of the overall insanity of so many people desperately determined to control the lives and property of other people. Perhaps, when all hell breaks loose and they have something more important to think and do, this will resolve itself. Then, each rational person can mind their own business and ignore the ranting of the special snowflakes. I’m already doing my best to ignore them.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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