Who gives us our rights?

By Nathan Barton

I highly commend Jacob Hornberger’s latest piece on the First Amendment where he (again) challenges the sick and sickening mindset that government (or the Constitution) gives Americans rights – in particular, the right of free speech, including the right to criticize political leaders and elected (and UNelected) officials.  And we even have the right to speak despairingly of other cultures – even the people who are part of that other culture!  Not because the Constitution gives us that right, but because (as Jacob noted) GOD and nature gives EVERY human being that right.

Along with the right to practice our religion in accordance with the dictates of OUR conscience.  The right to defend ourselves and prevent and respond to attacks against us, our families, and our community by keeping and bearing arms.  The right to confront our accusers, the right to have our home as our castle and NOT a temporary barracks (or observation post or command post) for police or soldiers, the right to travel freely, the right to earn a living, the right to contract with others voluntarily to buy goods and services, and the right to mind our own business.

But wait, Nathan, hold on just a minute! Some of those rights are stated right there in the Bill of Rights, a part of the Constitution, you say.  But not all those additional things – you are making those up out of whole cloth, aren’t you?

No, I’m not – even if there wasn’t a Tenth Amendment.  Government does not decide what rights God gave us.  Even though it claims to do so – remember our “right to privacy?”  And how about our “right to murder our unborn children” right in our body?  And the “right to not be offended” by having to put up with someone who believes something that we find to be offensive to us.  We may have those rights, but NOT because government says so.  Indeed, we have the “right” to be stupid – provided we understand that being stupid may result in some very bad consequences, and are willing to suffer those consequences for being stupid.

Government, at least here in the Fifty States, supposedly exists to protect and preserve our God-given rights.  Sadly, history and current events show us that the actual “benefits” of government generally amount to taking AWAY our rights.  The Bible states (in the Letter to the Romans, written by Paul of Tarsus) that God allows government to exist to provide that evildoers are punished.  Surprise, surprise! Government not only does not punish evildoers – those who aggress against others. No, government IS the evildoer all too often and encourages and facilitates the actions of evildoers. (Paul knew this, from his own people’s history and from his own life. He stated that to provide a standard by which followers of the Messiah could judge government. They could see whether it was worth supporting. At least any more than absolutely essential to allow them to live relatively peaceful lives.)

God gives us liberty.  Government gives us (at best) grief. God gives us life.  Government gives us death. God gives us free will. (I know, I just ticked off a bunch of people who claim to follow the Christ – but that is a subject for another forum and time.) Government gives us tyranny: no, it FORCES tyranny on us.

Please note: because it is NOT the “American government” – not the FedGov or any state government – that “gives” us our rights, we Americans have the same rights as EVERY OTHER human on this planet.  Or rather, every other person on Earth has the same rights that, once upon a time, were recognized in the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitutions and its Bill of Rights.  The same rights: free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of travel, freedom of association, freedom to keep and bear arms, and everything else.  God didn’t give those rights just to Americans.  Or just to the English-speaking people of the world.

But government – not just the FedGov and the Fifty States’ governments – takes those rights away.  In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  In South Sudan.  In North Korea.  In the People’s Republic of China. And every other place on earth.  Every place that they can.  And every liberty, every right, that they can.  Overall, most of the rest of the world is worse off than we here in the Fifty States are: certainly billions of people have their God-given rights, their liberty as humans, stolen by government.  Even, several governments.

Think twice about thanking government for anything.

Mama’s Note: Always remember that the bottom line for all non-voluntary government, and a great many individuals… is the lust to control the lives and property of others. That is the source of the evil, producing all the lies, coercion, theft and murder.

If we who love liberty can see this, and refuse to comply as much as possible, some good may come of it. If we eliminate all desire on our own part to control the lives of others, we may well win our freedom.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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