Follow-up: Panic rules the streets and the halls of power

As discussed in my last, very brief commentary, while the DNC Bernie panic is a bit more restrained over the weekend, panic about coronavirus is ramping up.

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You and I do NOT need to panic, even while it seems that everyone is. Using our God-given liberty, accepting personal responsibility for ourselves and our families, we have nothing out of the ordinary to fear.

Nevertheless, many people are. In government, politics, education, business, and the media (mainstream and alternative). Why?

Let us look at the COVID-19 (Beer Flu) panic first. There are lots of things to work ourselves up about it, and bankers, media, politicians, activists, survivalists, and many others are grabbing on to all of them.

  1. The stock market crashed well into “correction” territory last week, Market Watch reports, “Last week, the Dow fell 12.4%, the S&P 500 lost 11.5% and the Nasdaq shed 10.5%, representing their worst weekly skids since 2008.” It may be recovering a bit on Monday, but many people are fearing worse news.
  2. FIVE Americans have now died on American soil, or at least on Washington State soil. More are expected to die, even though there are still less than 100 cases so far in the Fifty States.
  3. A sure sign of economic collapse: Mexican Corona Beer (NOT Virus) sales have collapsed, with 38% of beer drinkers saying they won’t buy the beer for fear of the virus. (14% more won’t order it in public for fear of people’s reactions to them doing so.)
  4. This economic collapse, according to at least some doomsayers, will let the Democrats defeat Trump in November, thus saving America while the coronavirus dooms the planet to economic and political and social collapse.
  5. Italy and Iran are being ravaged by the coronavirus, even reaching the heights of Iranian Islamic government and with rumors that the Pope has it. More than fifty countries now have cases. East Asian nations are fearing worse: the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan all see themselves as targets.
  6. Stores are being stripped of survival supplies by scared consumers. Masks, water, food, other medical supplies, and almost everything else which seems to be useful from Costco and other stores.
  7. Although Chinese industry is again back in at least limited operation, the Chinese economy is hard it, and unrest is almost inevitable. As is a fresh, communist-standard crackdown. Many still doubt the truth of Chinese data regarding infections and deaths.
  8. Once again, Trump will demonstrate his incompetence and evil intents – as well as hatred for minorities and immigrants – by bumbling and fumbling the FedGov’s response to coronavirus. Too little, too wrong, too late, and too stupid.
  9. Fly-by-night and scummy businesses take full advantage and push the panic. (See this video to see what I mean.)

Although the DNC panic about the upcoming victory of Independent (Communist) Senator Bernie Sanders has subsided with Biden’s victory over Sanders (and everyone else) on Saturday in South Carolina. 48% to 20% is pretty good. However, the political panic is still with us:

  1. Tom Steyer dropped out of the race, quickly followed by Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobucher. Clearing the field for Super Tuesday, with Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg, and Warren – and incidentally leaving Biden as the YOUNGEST man in the race. (I have to wonder how much someone (Biden or Bloomberg, maybe?) paid those three to drop out. Or was it merely a Clinton-style threat that did it?)
  2. Sanders is STILL in the lead, and many states are expected to go for him in Super Tuesday. As more and more Americans declare themselves in favor of more and more socialism, and more Bernie key supporters are revealed as revolutionaries who find Soviet Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela good role models.
  3. As pointed out above, the media and various “experts” are still proclaiming the incompetence, evil, fascist, hate-filled actions and attitude of Trump and his even more incompetent advisers and appointees, claiming that the Democrat will trash him in November. Whether it is Sanders or Biden. Or Bloomberg.
  4. Meanwhile, it seems as though the Democratic Party is concerned with slashing its own throat in a myriad of state and local races: fractured not just over the presidential nomination but the failure of the impeachment effort and the increased radical promotion of various regressive causes (including transgenderism, education unions, other unions, bail “reform” and a dozen other issues). Many are wondering if the House of Representatives will still be in Democrat hands after this year. Still others are wondering if the Democrat Party will survive at all as a “united” party.
  5. The GOP is probably scarcely in better shape. It continues to be fragmented over Trump, and will fracture even more over finding someone to replace Trump in four more years. It continues to slide more and more to the center and actually to the left – visibly so. Republican refusal to stand up to Democratic actions in Congress and many states is seen as evidence that the party is corrupt and weak.

Stupid political activity, like disease and illness, are with us constantly. People panic over these all the time: 24-7 in fact.

But… we don’t need to.

In the second part of this commentary, let’s talk about why we don’t need to panic, and what we do need to do.

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