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What is the “Republican” philosophy?

So, what about the GOP? Now that I have trashed the Dems – and no doubt many “left libertarians” and self-defined liberals (neo-liberals, at least), what is the philosophy of the ying to the Dems’ yang? Britannica says: “The Republican … Continue reading

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Follow-up: Panic rules the streets and the halls of power

As discussed in my last, very brief commentary, while the DNC Bernie panic is a bit more restrained over the weekend, panic about coronavirus is ramping up. You and I do NOT need to panic, even while it seems that … Continue reading

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Time to offend?

By Nathan Barton The entire Democratic and neverTrumper Republican effort on the 2020 election, together with dozens of news stories on a weekly basis reveals that the enemies of liberty are desperate and fearful. Even if their object of attack … Continue reading

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Rites of passage

By Nathan Barton Almost all organizations have certain rites of initiation, requiring people joining to do certain things.  Sometimes, it is just a membership fee or dues, or even just identifying with the group.  Other times it is an elaborate … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News,#15-51E: Milestones and more

By Nathan Barton A sad milestone was reached on Tuesday, 22 DEC 2015: The Free Thought Project tells us a suspected drug dealer was killed during a no-knock raid on his house by cops in Vermont.  This brings the total … Continue reading

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