Lockdown Rebellion – news from the Imperial side

In a recent commentary, I reported how people are pushing back against the increasing totalitarian dictatorships that many States and localities have become. I mentioned a couple of examples where governments have gotten harsher, cracking down on dissent and more and more on the most minute of disobedience. But there are many more.

I’ve also written about the growing fascism – the partnership between governments and big business – to further steal away liberty AND prosperity (not that there is much left). Again, there are many more examples happening daily.

Here are a few:

In Hawaii, not only are they arresting and deporting tourists, they are spying on them (with eager help from some Hawaiians). And they now are planning to put tracking bracelets on them, to make it easier to find, arrest, and deport other Americans from what was once the 50th State.

Not to be outdone, the State of Kentucky is already putting tracking ankle monitors on people found violating the “self-quarantine” of stay-at-home (house arrest) without such niceties as trials and convictions. Kentucky has already begun creating a massive surveillance state – learning from the Chinese no doubt – and is tracking smartphones to find where people are violating no-assembly orders – and to trace individuals who do not comply – EVEN when they don’t have COVID-19.

We’d already discussed Ohio’s “Be a Snitch” program for employers to report workers who refused to come back to work after their latest governmental “reverse-course” order. Other states are supposedly doing the same.

In Colorado, after saying that indoor malls could reopen, the govgoons decided too many people were going to the mall, so the dictator reversed the order and closed the malls again.

Simon Black over at Sovereign Man published the report about Ventura County’s (California) snatch-and-grab program, complete with 50 spies (“contact tracers”) to hunt down, kidnap, and imprison people who MIGHT have been exposed to coronavirus. No word to see who they are hiring for this: most ex-Stasi agents are too old now, but perhaps they are using them and former KGB people to train the snatch teams.

A Twitter post states that the San Antonio (Texas) City Council has voted to make “Chinese Virus” and similar terms “hate speech” and to encourage people hearing the terms used to report the speakers. Presumably, seeing that SA is a very “woke” city, there is already a Thought Police branch set up to deal with the hate speech, which according to one council member is “more dangerous” than coronavirus. (Bexar County, which includes SA, has 54 dead from COVID-19.)

In Tennessee, the Nashville (Davison County) health officials have turned over all results of COVID-19 testing to the police to use to track people and to “protect officers’ lives.” Based on that argument, we assume the police will also be seizing all weapons, vehicles, and liquor. First from the COVID-19 positive, but then everyone else?

On the corporate side of things, we are seeing more and more reports of how YouTube is NOT only partnering with American States like California, but is now partnering with the Chinese Communist Party to censor criticism of the regime and preven the truth from getting out. And taking action against Americans to do so. YouTube is already a partner of the World Health Organization to deny free speech. And they’ve been in league with the Democratic Party for a long time.

Is it any wonder that sites like The Most Important News are publishing articles about the powder keg the Fifty States have become, and how it will be getting worse?

As mentioned in the last commentary, the number of deaths from the economic effects of the Lockdown are expected by many to exceed the deaths from COVID-19. Not just exceed, but in many countries the deaths may be 10, 20, or even 30 times as many – including millions of deaths due to lack of medical treatment for conditions (such as TB) which can be defeated.

Do NOT think this will get better before it gets worse, in many States and localities. Whether it is a matter of legalities and court actions, protests and votes, or defending liberty and people against violent aggression, we WILL see more.

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2 Responses to Lockdown Rebellion – news from the Imperial side

  1. “We’d already discussed Ohio’s ‘Be a Snitch’ program for employers to report workers who refused to come back to work”

    I’m not sure I’d call that “snitching.” Those companies are forced to purchase “unemployment insurance” from the government so that the workers receive checks when not employed. Why wouldn’t the companies tell their insurers “OK, stop paying claims to this person now, we’ve offered him his job back?” You can bet your bottom dollar that there’s already legislation in the pipeline to raise the “premiums” because of such big payouts.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      That is a good point, and I don’t know enough about the unemployment insurance system to know if that is the case. Apparently the rulers of the State of Ohio didn’t trust the insurance administrators (contractors, maybe?) to report, hence they set up the special “tip line” for employers to call. Once again, government and bureaucracy make a mess of things.


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