In some ways, the Lockdown is backfiring

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Let’s talk about schools and guns – favorite topics of both Mama Liberty and myself.

Schools to be breeding grounds for panic, abject obedience to the State

Not that the government-run, tax-funded “public” schools were not already incubators for complete submission to the government. But it will be worse, as the bureaucrats and educrats and other autocrats get their way.

As Tom Woods pointed out, CDC has published “guidelines” for reopening public and private schools. Take a gander:

  1. No “communal shared spaces” – bureaucratic jargon for no playgrounds, no gymnasium games or exercises, and no cafeterias.
  2. No field trips – one of the few things which showed that government schools were not quite as bad as jail.
  3. No assemblies – heaven forbid gathering in a gym or auditorium to see something funny, educational, or even propaganda about cops, drugs, or such.
  4. No “external organizations” – at last a way to ban Gideons handing out New Testaments, military recruiters, hunting safety, or watchdog groups.
  5. Masks for everyone over age 2.
  6. No sharing of anything: toys, computers, other electronic devices, or passing notes.
  7. Teachers are confined to their classrooms – no switching.
  8. Bus requirements double or more: one child per seat, skip every other row.
  9. Physical barriers (plexiglass? steel?) between bathroom sinks.
  10. Put monitors (camera or humans) in bathrooms to enforce mandatory handwashing.
  11. Require handwashing after EVERY sneeze, cough, or wiping your nose with a tissue.
  12. One-way routes and “centerlines” in hallways.
  13. Limit all sports events ONLY to players and officials – no public attendees

There are many more, but these are enough to demonstrate just how anti-social, inhuman, and unnatural these are. Although not specified, there is supposed to be NO physical contact between children and teachers or staff. No hugs, no wiping of tears, no pats of encouragement.

As Tom points out, these are the best thing ever for home-schooling. This sort of EXPANDED prison mentality just drives more and more parents from the GRTF schools.

And that is a GOOD thing – a way in which the COVID=19 Tyranny is defeating itself. Millions of American families can and must abandon these institutions – bad enough before, they are incredibly worse today and in the near future.

Gun nastiness getting worse and people are pushing back

It comes from a surprising source, USA Today. (Partnered with a website The Trace, another dedicated anti-gun site.) The paper has published an article that explains how in April, attempts to include gun stores in the Lockdown not only failed, but gun sales increased in three of the five states which did shut down (or tried to shut dow) gun shops.

The Pandemic Panic was clearly an excuse for these States to push for more unconstitutional prohibitions and restrictions on buying and owning guns. A perfect opportunity. Of course they would take every advantage they could find. It is actually a pleasant surprise that more states did NOT.

The list is small: New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, and Washington. (Although not a surprise, New Mexico is the real disappointment to me.) However, numerous municipal and county governments (such as Los Angeles) tried similar actions.

There are already so many restrictions on people being able to obtain guns that we can’t keep track of them all, easily. This is far from the last attempt that hoplophobes and hoploclasts will make to prevent exercise of our rights.

But to me, the real news is that more and more business owners are simply ignoring the “law.” (Of course, such an action by these Blue States and their dictators is NOT a law – it is anathema to both the US Constitution and the various State Constitutions. These closures, like ALL of the Lockdown, are immoral.

It is not just closure of gun shops, or closure of businesses, that ordinary people and business owners are ignoring. It is the entire range of “mandated” actions, from “stay-at-home” and “safer-at-home” to assembling for worship – or even for fun. Going rogue is not just good, it is needed.

Again, it is NOT just gun shops that need to resist. Closure of shops has no doubt been an excuse – no, a REASON – to also circumvent the incredibly evil restrictions on buying and selling guns and obtaining “permission” to own and have a gun. It is time to rebel.

Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

Attributed to William Tyndale, New Testament Christian and Translator of the Bible to English

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to In some ways, the Lockdown is backfiring

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  2. Tim McCann says:

    I went to my local Pawn/Gun store a week after this mess started in March. The shelves had been cleaned out of affordable firearms. They have since restocked but it was an eye opener.


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