The Lockdown – and the Lockdown Rebellion: far from over

The news the last couple of days has been filled with alarm about new peaks of COVID-19 positive testing, whether the “second wave” or still the original surge. The social media is filled with nannies and Karens and busybodies screaming, more or less, “we’re all gonna die.”

And too many states are rolling up the sidewalks again – or even for the first time. Cities and counties are even worse.

Consider Florida and Texas. They BOTH have closed bars – at least to drinking IN the establishments. In other words, go to the bars or liquor stores, buy your booze and … What? Take it home to drink with the family? Head to the nearest park or beach and down it with your buddies? Or just go ahead and pop one or two and down them as you drive back home or to the park… and then with no friendly bartender to say, “Buddy (or “honey”), you’ve had enough,” drive on home or to work? And a sight more than “just buzzed,” right?

And when the deathtoll on the highways spikes, then what? Oh, of course… MORE prohibition, MORE lockdown, MORE nanny-state stupidity. (Note – I don’t drink alcohol; it’s no skin off my personal nose (or that of my family), but I have people I know and love who do… and I know the temptations. Both to drink and especially for bureaucrats and politicians to get out and “solve problems” by creating more.)

Do we believe the media? For example, Fox News reports on the worst places to get COVID-19, and right there at the top is “bars” but closely followed by churches and concerts. So guess what the people again panicked by the media numbers will go after next. I’ve already heard of churches so fearful that they have already announced they don’t plan to be a “church” again until the middle of August. (If then.)

This is (I find myself saying more and more often) madness. For once I agree with David Stockman, who recently wrote:

“At the end of the day… the trend of the daily fatality rate does not lie. On a seven-day rolling average basis, it peaked at 2,210 on April 18, and had fallen to 605 as of yesterday — a 73% drop. Needless to say, the virus patrol keeps torturing the data until it finds something to sound the alarms about. But if you look at the CDC’s data in 10-day intervals on the two things that count — the infection rate per test and the mortality rate — it turns out that, thankfully, the Donald is correct. The COVID plague is passing. Here is the infection rate per test in 10-day intervals since March 25, when the total number of with-COVID deaths was still under 1,000.
The percentage of infected cases per test:
3/25-4/4: 19.8%
4/5-4/14: 20.0%
4/15-4/24: 16.3%
4/25-5/4: 11.7%
5/5-5/14: 7.8%
5/15-5/24: 5.8%
5/25-6/3: 5.0%
6/4-6/13: 4.5%
6/13-6/23: 5.3%
Likewise, the number of deaths per day have fallen on a similar path:
3/25-4/4: 802
4/5-4/14: 1,794
4/15-4/24: 2,162
4/25-5/4: 1,651
5/5-5/14: 1,727
5/15-5/24: 1,160
5/25-6/3: 1,000
6/4-6/13: 681
6/14-6/23: 547

And even then, we STILL lost more people to heart disease, cancer, and the various kinds of “common” flu than to the nasty evil CCP virus.

Sure, with more and more testing, more and more people are found to have the dreaded disease – or have had it. And a certain number of those people are dying – almost always for known or unknown co-mortalities. And yes, “younger” people are getting it – or are FOUND to have gotten it – because… more and more “younger” people are being tested. And because of the fear and panic, more and more people are racing to get checked. Now that (in many places) they can.

Of course, some places have still not really backed down from the Lockdown – and the totalitarian, tyrannical controls on their people (and visitors). Consider the idiot in Sacramento and the rest of the people in that insane asylum they call a statehouse. The autocrat Newsom has issued an order (“executive order” or decree) that everyone in California must wear facemasks in public – indoors or out. He has NOT a drop of authority to order citizens to do anything. Governors are NOT their State’s “commander in chief” or master: their authority is limited to directing agencies that they are given authority to run. Many of us have pointed this out constantly.

Yes, “public health agencies” (increasingly a misnomer for agencies that have much more in common with Soviet Russia than with anything remotely resembling liberty) can issue orders (according to state laws – NOT state constitutions) for things like this, but only during times of emergency. We are long past any rational, sane justification for a health emergency.

So all these requirements – in California and elsewhere – are not just not laws, not just stupid, but insane. Yet they are not being put away – and so people are continuing to just ignore them more and more. And with the Twenty-Dollar Revolt still metastasizing into a “woke rebellion” in which politicians and major corporations (including the media) are full participants, we are seeing the rising smoke trails from hundreds, even thousands, of fuzes burning towards …

What? Not just rebellion or revolt, but revolution? No, NOT revolution, but counter-revolution. In the sense that the War of American Independence was a “first” revolution, to establish liberty. And this one is an attempt by a tiny minority to completely take that liberty away.

So buckle down, and be prepared. The worst – AND THE BEST – is yet to come.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to The Lockdown – and the Lockdown Rebellion: far from over

  1. David Kristopeit says:

    Nathan, As to lockdowns, a business here in Racine, WI that was forced to “Lockdown” with almost all businesses by rule of our mayor and health department head was recently denied the assistance money for closing down that small businesses could apply for because (according to the Mayors own admission) the owner had participated in an anti “Safer at Home” rally in our state capitol. At this rally the owner happened to be interviewed by a local TV station and appeared on local TV. Apparently the mayor did not like seeing his ruling being questioned in front of all Racine citizens.


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