Commentary on the news – insanity and wokeness

So-called “wokeness” – the sudden or growing realization that various social justice and other regressive doctrines are “true” – increasingly cannot be distinguished from advanced insanity. Paranoia, schizophrenia, extreme sociopathy, massive psychopathy, and other mental aberrations are demonstrated by what is said and done.

We get new examples of this daily, but let me dissect some recent examples.

In Earth Island Journal, a PhD in environmental science from UC-Berkeley writes that global climate change (and therefore wildfires, hurricanes and other weather and natural disasters) was caused by “white supremacy.” In turn, he also blamed both climate change and white supremacy on the Bible, free markets, and private property. As an environmental engineer myself, I find this both baffling and disturbing. Not that we might expect anything good our of Berkeley or EIJ.

In Northern California a couple of weeks ago, according to KOVR-TV, a Colusa County High School chemistry teacher threatened to suspend a 16-year-old student from class unless he removed a Trump flag in his bedroom within 15 seconds – he was attending a virtual class via internet. The student actually terminated HIS end of the class session at 10 seconds into the teacher’s countdown. (Good for him!)

In Sacramento, as the governor’s website boasted, the dictator signed legislation passed by the idiots in the people’s Assembly that will have transgender people housed in prisons by their claimed sex, NOT by their biological sex (“gender”). This is supposed to protect and provide dignity to transgenders, but it seems to me all it does is make it EASIER for them to be abused by their fellow inmates. And all too often subject the other inmates to potential attack and abuse. Seems like a better solution to this claimed discrimination and disrespect would be to eliminate many so-called crimes, replace imprisonment with other forms of punishment, and other reforms to protect victims – NOT convicts.

Also in Sacramento, the idiot dictator signed an executive order banning all production and purchase of anything but “zero-emissions” vehicles – including cars and trucks (and not just pickups, but all the way up to semis and tandems) between 2035 and 2045. As reported by Fleet Owner magazine, this means, in essence, ELECTRIC cars and trucks: no gasoline, no Diesel, no natural gas. This in a State which must import 25% of its electricity today, is busy shutting down more and more power stations, and where brownouts are a daily event. Where are they going to get the power? Undersea cables from China?

California is not the only State with rampant, public insanity.

In Ohio, Ohio State University was attacked by its own woke students, according to Campus Reform, for calling a black-on-white hate crime exactly that, a hate crime. (And following federal law by reporting that to the student body.) Apparently, just as with “racism” and “discrimination,” hate crimes cannot be committed against “white people” because “‘Racial slurs’ referring to White people are not based on a history of violence & oppression towards White people.” Nor, apparently attacking the “white person” physically.

In Kentucky, (again from Campus Reform) we find the University of Louisville apologizing, Why? Because a crime alert was racist because it identified the suspect as a “black male wearing a red hoodie.” It supposedly made students on campus feel less safe. But retracting it and apologizing for it? Universities are no longer in the business of teaching the truth: “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make is free” is now verboten.

In Colorado, KMGH-7 (The Denver Channel) reported on more insane panic over Beer Flue. After originally banning anyone aged 18-22 years (college age) from assembling in groups of “two or more,” the Boulder County Health Department got so much grief and ridicule that they changed the order to “more than two” are banned. But they must still maintain social distancing and wear face diapers. Boulder is the home of the University of Colorado, a bastion of political correctness and home of social justice warriors. Who clearly will NOT be able to enjoy any PDA (Public Display of Affection) even if there is active consent between the couple.

Also in Colorado, KCNC-4 reported that the Colorado Secretary of State was caught mailing out postcards encouraging people to register and vote. Among those whom the cards were sent to included people dead for four years or more, migrant workers from Mexico, and Brit subjects and Lebanese citizens. But KCNC, true to its mainstream media role, quickly let the Secretary of State “explain” the attempts as “mistakes by contractors.” Insane people think that they can get away with crimes, lies, and seem to delight in blaming someone else. Kinda like de Blasio and Cuomo in New York blaming Trump for them sending COVID-sufferers to nursing homes and failing to clean subway cars. Colorado, in the meantime, is on the verge of a second-wave total Lockdown, as is New Mexico.

Sadly, as contagious as Beer Flu is supposed to be, insanity in government, academia, and woke political activists, businesses, and your next-door neighbor appears to be even more catching. And truth, it seems, is NOT an adequate vaccine. Not because it is ineffective, but because there seems to be a problem with delivering it.

This is a reposting, with some changes, from 29 September 2020, due to access problems. If you have comments, suggestions, rebuttals or anything, please comment on email Nathan at

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