Are you safe? Now? Next few weeks? Next year?

2020 has been – is – a horrible year. For too many people in too many places across the Fifty States. And across the world. Nature, evil men and women who hate liberty, who want control, and more.

Matters are not looking good, are they? Here is a quick Baker’s Dozen (TM) that we have faced and are facing:

  • Longest and most expensive hurricane season in years
  • Huge wildfires destroying towns and killing people, setting the stage for massive mudslides and more
  • Cities are being burned and looted; bodies starting to (figuratively) pile up
  • Supply chains for food, medicine, household goods, and repair parts continue to break down
  • California in particular continues to have a shortage of electrical power
  • Unusual weather events have again plagued the Midwest, impacting crop production
  • Millions of tons of meat was destroyed this year due to problems with the Pandemic in packing plants
  • There are multiple, recurring disruptions in communications and software on which business, health care, and people constantly depend – perhaps due to intentional attacks
  • Trump is going to go full-blown dictator on Election Night – OR – Biden and his backers/replacement are going to stage a color revolution on Election Night
  • Civil war will follow whichever of them do whatever they are going to do
  • Drought plagues much of the Fifty States impacting on municipal water supplies as well as food crops and livestock
  • Nearly half of all states have governors (and “public health departments”) that have taken and are expanding dictatorial powers
  • States, local governments, colleges and schools are taking away free speech more and more

We could go on, but the above is a pretty daunting list, isn’t it?

Which is why a reader privately discussed the situation with me. She is located in Cherry County, Nebraska, on the edge of the vast Nebraska Sand Hills, a land of cattle, lakes and ponds, and grass-covered dunes sometimes hundreds of feet high.

Here were my thoughts to her: I believe that you and your family are safe there in Valentine, provided everyone in Rosebud and Mission remain calm (and sane) – but for all RST’s [Rosebud Sioux Tribal government] foibles and problems, you are much better off than OST [Oglala Sioux Tribe/Oglala Lakota Nation government] or CRST [Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal government], where problems are developing more and more. And you are far enough away from Lincoln and Omaha [the major urban areas in Nebraska] to be overlooked and safe.  Although things are deteriorating even in Rapid City (the murder rate is exploding this year, as you’ve probably seen), we that are outside the city itself are in good shape.  And the Black Hills are far enough away from the Front Range of Colorado[Denver-Boulder-Aurora, etc.] (or Omaha or the Twin Cities) to be relatively safe.  Enough people are prepared for some pretty bad things – if not the worst. It is family and friends in and around the urban areas that have us concerned. 

Here in the rural/frontier areas [like the Black Hills and Sand Hills] the biggest concerns are the disruption of the supply chains – especially of fuel and medicine: we can feed ourselves here in West River [of South Dakota] and the Sand Hills, but can we get fuel?  Can we get medicine? 

A person I know has to take Metformin for blood sugar: the last refill they got was not for the usual three months but just for a month.  They were told that supplies were too tight to provide the usual three-month supply.  And that is a really common drug.

I am still (and ever more) embarrassed by the people in Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish, and elsewhere in SD who are panicked and DEMAND that we all lockdown and condemn [Governor of South Dakota] Noem and the legislature for their “greed” for money [and ambition for power], their “hatred” for tribal members and the elderly. We are, according to the face-diaper crowd, all supposed to cower. 

It is not all those who panic that bother me – if someone believes that they are at-risk and choose to isolate themselves and lockdown on their own, I accept their decision to do so, even though I believe that they are wrong and their faith is weak.  It is those that want to force us ALL to quarantine and cower that bother me. People that even barricade the highways (like Bear Runner and Frazier [tribal chairmen of OST and CRST], and in essence lock their own tribal members up. And demand that Noem and County Commissioners and Mayors do the same thing – be dictators.

Nebraska was and is, of course, far more tyrannical and totalitarian than South Dakota, but the Lockdown is not enforced very much in the Sand Hills and the Panhandle, far from the teeming warrens of Omaha and the statist thugs of Lincoln. Still, she sees the dangers to liberty (and faith) and prosperity. Yet, compared to many States, Nebraska is still pretty free. (We mentioned Colorado and New Mexico recently: we’ve reports from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia as well. People in many, many states are in much worse circumstances.) While many realize it, too many are just not able to see what they face.

The point of all this is that we must be prepared to deal with these current crises, those predicted due to the nasty situation in the bitter and divisive election, AND other things that we may not even think about hitting us. But if we do not recognize the hazards, we cannot prepare for dealing with them as they grow worse.

More later on what we can do about these thirteen problems – to be safe and free.

This is a reposting, with some changes, from 02 October 2020, due to access problems. If you have comments, suggestions, rebuttals or anything, please comment on email Nathan at

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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