The Republicans’ war on the Bill of Rights

In the three-part discussion of how the Democratic Party and their minions attack each and every part of the American Bill of Rights, TPOL promised we’d NOT forget that the GOP is just as much committed to that same goal.

As the “right” wing of the Old Party monster, Republicans have been dedicated to attacking individual liberties since the Party’s founding way back in 1854, as demonstrated by their candidates in 1856 and especially in 1860. (That was the year they nominated that railroad shyster and land development profiteer from Chicago, as you may recall.) For the most part, the GOP assault on the Bill of Rights (and ALL God-given liberties) has been less a matter of vocal overt attack that their actions. In other words, watch what I do and not what I say.

For the sake of length, I’ll try to just look at more recent efforts.

What have they done and continue to do?

Article 1

Yes, the GOP says that they are in support of free speech, free religion, free assembly, and a free press. But the actions of Congresscritturs and States’ elites frequently counters this. And their actions are louder than their words. Some have come out against politically correct censorship, but many endorse subtle versions of that and encourage/recruit “private” enterprise to act as their shills. While we do not think that the recent Florida law (so badly christened “Don’t say gay” by opponents) or the recent South Dakota executive order against teaching hatred and bigotry and supremacy fall in this category (because, at least in part, the restrictions are laid on government institutions and employees), many Republicans advocate squelching of free expression and have no problem with finding ways to regulate, tax, and punish religious institutions – especially at the local level. And significantly, they refuse to accept that accepting a liberty of necessity implies accepting the liberty to NOT do that thing: to NOT speak out, to NOT assemble with (be around) other people, to NOT worship.

Article 2

These days, the Republican candidates and officeholders loudly scream out their support – indeed, worship – of the Second Amendment. But again, look at their actions: their voting record and a virtual failure to introduce ANY legislation to repeal tens of thousands of laws on the books. And their willingness to compromise virtually everything. They just do not get it: a: they constantly tell us that the Constitution “gives” us this freedom. B: they refuse to understand the plain and simple English “shall not infringe.” Methinks they doth protest far, far too little.

Article 3

Many GOP rabidly support and encourage police forces at all levels, claiming to be anti-crime and for the public safety. And thereby nullifying our right to deny cops (another form of soldier) the power to occupy our homes, businesses, parking lots, etc. whenever and however – as long as they are “fighting crime.”

Article 4

Just like Democrats, the GOP seems to have forgotten this right is specifically protected. Unless they pass a law to “permit us” to exercise the right (“make my day” and “castle doctrine” laws, for example). Especially when it comes to dealing with drug-war enemies, homeless, and drunk drivers. And again, what have GOP legislators at ANY level done to reestablish this principle?

Article 5.

Grand Jury? What is that? GOP States/District Attorneys are big on law and order – and giving cops and judges carte blanche to deal with it. And most laws that provide loopholes to the double jeopardy class have nearly as many – if not more – GOP types voting for it as Dems. And they (starting with Nixon but unchanging) have ignored the prohibition on forcing you to testify against yourself, especially when it comes to taxes, environmental “protection,” and petty “administrative” courts and traffic courts and code enforcement.

Article 6.

I see virtually NO difference between the two old parties when it comes to gutting the once-honest justice system. Again, at all levels. GOP types seem especially supportive of letting whistleblowers get away with anonymity.

Article 7.

Really. Whether we are talking about a 20 “dollar” FRN note or a “real” $20 (one ounce) gold piece – currently about FRN 2,000 – you try and get a court system to have a jury try the case? And Republicans have been even more intolerant and threatening to the power of a jury than Dems to decide the facts and the law (as established by common law).

Article 8.

To the so-called liberals, the GOP has always been about “cruel and unusual punishments” and of course, any support of requiring bail is now “excessive.” But the real GOP attack on this amendment is their constant pushing for more and more laws creating more and more crimes. Consider vaping – at the same time as the GOP is often an active and enthusiastic participant in passing more and more laws against tobacco. While pushing more and more taxation of alcohol and other “fun” things.

Article 9.

Again, the GOP has been and continues to be an active partner of the Democratic Party and the bureaucrats (regardless of political leaning) who steal more and more liberties from the people daily. Yes, their areas of interest are a bit different from the Dems. But theft of rights is theft of rights.

Article 10.

Both Republican and Democratic Houses, Senates, and Presidents have rendered this a dead letter, and continue to pile more and more dirt over the grave of “reserved powers” as well as preserved liberties. And as mentioned more than once above, the GOP shows where its heart lies by taking no serious action to overturn those laws and actions of the FedGov which constantly and continuously negate this Amendment.

To summarize, the GOP – especially its national powers and most state machines – care little more for the Bill of Rights than their “progressive” opponents do in the Democratic Party. They just go about attacking those clauses in a different (and sometimes more subtle) way. But the end result is the same: the increasing enslavement of Americans. And most people in the world.

Is there now any choice but to fight back?

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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