Liberty will win! But expect it to be a tough battle.

The decline of liberty often seems to be a matter of increasing provocations, responses, and especially more and more extreme rhetoric. Which in turn escalates more physical actions: more cracking down on dissidents and perceived enemies, more small acts of violence and more efforts to distract from the growing tyranny. It is a vicious cycle.

Are we in that cycle now? Not just here in the Fifty States, but around the world? And worse, are the people in power incompetent to respond in a sane, effective manner?

Don’t make me laugh. It hurts!

Do we have any hope of regaining liberty, of restoring freedom? Yes, we do – and the more horror we see, the more we will have the opportunity to do. If… IF we have the courage to do so.

Here are some points:

  1. The continuing crises of the last three years: the Pandemic and the Pandemic Panic, the supply-chain fiasco, the vaccination scams, the insane and truly monstrous government spending spree: all these are still with us.
  2. Add to that the now-year-long Russian war in the Ukraine, the Biden-regime rage against “fossil fuels” (including coal, natural gas, other petroleum products), the environists’ nonsense, all ramped up in vicious knee-jerk reaction to the evil of The Donald. Oh, and can we forget the slow revenge against anyone participating (or wanting to participate) in 6th January 2021?
  3. The cultural and moral war has exploded, with human rights being used as an excuse for pushing so-called gender change (transgenderism) including mutilation of children (not just teens), demands for special rights for those now flaunting the labels of transwoman and transman, the invasion of womens’ sports (and other fields) by biological males (and vice versa), and therefore stripping those who are homophobic, transphobic, and (in a bizarre warping of language) sexist of their freedom of speech, assembly, and religion.
  4. And now let us notice the food shortages, inflation that is underrated, renewed global-warming madness, and just now, the banking crisis. (We have not the foggiest idea how big that is going to get.)
  5. What is next? War (cold or hot) with Red China? Another “hot” summer of madness in the streets? A war with Mexico?
  6. To say nothing of new regulations and interpretations of regulations, including many that clearly seek to do nothing but give MORE power to government. A process, we are told, that is necessary to save us from all these horrors.
  7. More than three years of unrestrained printing (electronically, but still printing) of money to save us from COVID and other things, pay off each and every politically-correct special interest (and hunting down those who are not), on top of decades of massive spending in the interest of global imperialism, a massive welfare state (for parasites in government and business, not just the “poor” and “disadvantaged”. and using the US dollar (FRN) as a weapon of global control have finally come to the point of destroying the FRN and, at the same time, the American (and possibly world) economy.
  8. More and more, the combined stress of massive urban crowding, teaching that humans are nothing but another (unfairly dominating) species of animals, and dozens of other factors have increased the levels of sociopathy, fear, hopelessness, and more damage to the human mind; resulting in increasing numbers of attacks, murders, suicides, and illnesses, including “excess deaths.”
  9. The replacement of the bugaboo of “the population bomb” with fears of a population implosion.

In every one of these points, we see that the powers that be are incompetent. The PTB are unable to use any reason, see anything logical or actually productive. Or do anything but the same thing over and over: new totalitarian laws and edicts, spend more money, tax (steal) more money, and shout and wave their hands and run to and fro? (As long, of course, as they and theirs are adequately supplied with the products of wealth and real progress.)

As world events (or our awareness of them) seem to ramp up, demand attention, and effective analysis and action, we are getting more madness. Not just the insanity of crossdressing, drag queens, college mobs, and unrestricted urban gang warfare, but in all levels of society. All used (openly or subtly) as excuses to steal away more and more liberty. Make us more and more slaves to government and the so-called elite.

Folks, it is time to wake up – not just ourselves, but our families and neighbors. Crisis, not just war, is the health of the state. We need to educate and encourage one another – while discouraging those who are apparently too set in their ways, or too stupid, to learn from their mistakes.

We have seen this happen again and again, over the centuries. From pharaohs to Chinese emperors to European royal houses. And to democracies and republics: time and again,

Tell THEM to mind their own business, and stop trying to tell you and me what to do. Their track record is absolutely abyssmal. They will be worse than the blind leading the blind, and we will be dragged down into the abyss if we continue to heed them.

BUT if we reject their overtures, their temptations, their threats and pleading, we CAN regain our freedom. We CAN proclaim liberty through all the land. And other lands as well. We have the knowledge, we have the tools, we have the opportunity.

But do we have the courage? The determination? Or will we simply slide into oblivion and servitude?

The choice is ours.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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