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A justified nanny state? Part 2

Read part 1 here: a commentary by Margaret Figert. Over the past weekend, I drove though one of the emptier parts of Wyoming and Utah, passing by Flaming Gorge Reservoir, a spectacular area built decades ago under the jurisdiction of … Continue reading

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A justified nanny state? Part 1

This is a guest column. Margaret Figert is a retired publisher (conservative-somewhat-libertarian politically) in South Dakota and Nebraska.  I am reposting some of her column without any comments, just remarks in an afterword in the next column. This follows up … Continue reading

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It’s about the children – get rid of gravel trucks!

By Nathan Barton As part of my environmental work, I subscribe to Aggregates Manager, whose daily newsletter carried an article this morning about a fatality in Texas. A gravel truck tee-boned a vehicle with four people, injuring three and killing … Continue reading

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It’s for the children…

By Nathan Barton Child abuse is a serious, deadly problem in this country.  Consider this: Not long ago, a NINE year old killed himself in Denver. He was bullied because he decided (and announced) that he was homosexual.  (Or maybe … Continue reading

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