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Merry Christmas

The Holidays, like much of 2020, seem dismal, disruptive, and even frightening to many Americans. That comes as no surprise. On the one hand, you have many people who are determined to have family and friends and a traditional Christmas … Continue reading

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A Baker’s Dozen ™ reasons to keep your children out of “public” schools

The Lockdown has had one very strong positive benefit – even with some negatives.  Tens of millions of parents have seen their children’s schools lock their children out.  Especially the government-run, tax-funded (GRTF) institutions.  So tens of millions of children … Continue reading

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Coronavirus – looking for opportunities

While we’ve been pointing out how government and others are using the Beer Flu Panic to feather their own nests, and the dangerous and unwelcome impacts, there IS another side of the story. A recent incident with a hated state … Continue reading

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