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Behind the curtain – modern mainstream media considered

Around the world and here in the States, mainstream media is frequently a major group of enemies of liberty. The wokeness, political correctness, social justice warrior agenda and many other characteristics are obvious. Various reasons are postulated for this bias. … Continue reading

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A Baker’s Dozen (TM) examples of media lies and politician worship

Look, we all know the media lies. This has become an increasing problem, a deep embarrassment to many publishers, editors, and others (usually retired) as the powermongers and the pitifully uneducated modern “professionals” move into the business. Here are some … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 29 August 2014, #15-34D: Shrinking government to the size of its brain

by Nathan Barton Ben Carson, the MD turned candidate for Prez, has ticked off veterans groups who aren’t bothering to think very much. As reported in World Net Daily, Carson does not want to do away with medical care and … Continue reading

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