Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-36C: Colorado Floods and Kneejerk Responses

Home Front – New religions: Climate Change
Colorado Floods Devastate Front Range

Nathan: I was able to avoid the flood zones last week and this weekend by going around them; an option many people including lots of family and friends did not have.  My father got 16 inches of rain at his house in three days: his street flooded curb to curb and came within 3 meters of his house, while people fished in the streets after ponds in parks flooded out and released the fish.  And that was in Aurora!  News reports concentrate on Boulder and Boulder County (Longmont, Lyons, and some of the mountain communities) because these are inhabited by Tranzis and Yuppies: the working class and farming communities, and the tourist towns (Greeley, Loveland, Estes Park) and the rural areas, and even mostly Colorado Springs (a bastion of evil right-wing extremists and nasty military types) were skimmed over in the national news.    Clearly, human activities have a LOT to do with the severity of damage caused by the flooding.  Some is due to lack of foresight: most construction is designed to meet 100-year flood frequency (the 1% chance) and this clearly is in the 500-year to 1000-year event – that is, 0.02% or 0.01% chance of occurring in any given year.  Some of the damage is DUE to shoddy workmanship – but what do we expect when government controls or regulates or does so much?  More damage was due to government skewing the market and the environment:

(1) Decades of fire suppression in the forests results in massive, hot fires that scorch the earth and increase runoff, even when NOT saturated from previous rains.

(2)  Subsidized and politically-approved locations for housing and other buildings, since they know that in case of flood or fire they will be able to rebuild with “cheap” government money, so that their insurance rates are not enough to make them decide to build in safer places.

(3)  Limited availability of land, thanks to “permanent”government ownership of most land in the mountains and much even in the plains, resulting in tight subdivisions and many nasty, even tighter trailer courts.

(4)  Government ownership of utilities infrastructure, therefore located and designed with politics primarily in focus, constructed by lowest-bidder, guv-buddy contractors, and without necessary and prudent backup and protection.  (Notice that power, which is privately owned, came back on quickly; communications (also privately owned) did not drop much at all, but that water and waste water systems (all publicly owned, by various governments) failed immediately and often are STILL out days later.

But of course, rather than looking at these things, the media and environists immediately blame people and business:  “global warming” and cloud-seeding (by ski resort operators) and oil and gas industry activities which have “upset nature’s balance.”  As the next story is a perfect example:

Amid Drought, Explaining Colorado’s Extreme Floods
(National Geographic)

Nathan: Udall – the name explains it all, I guess.  This is because of global warming – the “messiah” said it, and it must be so.  The excuses for a 500- or 1000-year frequency event are many, according to the whimpering global-warming religionists at NG:  drought dried up and hardened the ground, fires scorched the earth and didn’t provide enough plant matter to soak up the water, and so on.  The idiots!  People, all that gravel and cobbles didn’t get in the South Platte River below Greeley and all the way to Nebraska by magic.  Those canyons didn’t take millions of years to develop, either. But we CAN blame government, not private business, for subsidizing construction in the flood plain

From a CNN story: After the officials’ delayed arrival at a Boulder airport, U.S. Sen. Mark Udall said, “That dog and the cat and those seven people on those two helicopters didn’t ask us whether we were Democrats or Republicans.” And he promised a bipartisan push in Congress for federal aid for flood recovery.

Nathan: Duh.  Even Boulder County residents are not so stupid that they don’t know the Governor, both US Senators, and their own US representative are Democrats, just as those worthies know that they have to coddle Boulder County residents to get reelected…  And these people are demagogues: they know how to butter up their political clientèle.  Of course, the Colorado GOP is just as stupid, as greedy, as politically ambitious, as power-hungry, and as willing to steal money from people to give to other people, so it doesn’t really matter WHO is doling out the “free government money.”  Figure the floods caused a billion in damages: that will translate to about three billion more in Federal debt and about two billion in Colorado government debt.

Actually, this and the Washington Navy Yard killings have some similar responses: the IMMEDIATE and LOUD response to the ex-Navy, contractor, psycho killer was “BAN GUNS (In private ownership)” and “BAN Assault Rifles” and “Double-down on the Security and Police State.”  But it turns out, he used a shotgun to apparently kill and take weapons from the very security forces supposed to protect the people working there, and although initial reports were that one of the weapons taken off a security guard’s body (or taken out of an unlocked arms safe in the security office) was an automatic  rifle (an assault rifle), now it is being reported that it was two handguns.  And it was the vaunted security apparat that granted him Secret clearance and gave him the badge to let him IN to do the killing.  Never mind the facts, ma’am, just listen to the emotion and the rhetoric!

Crash of 2009 – Stupid government
When It Pays Not to Work

(Economic Policies for the 21st Century) The number of people receiving unemployment benefits is 23 percent higher compared to five years earlier and 55 percent higher than 2003…

Nathan: Remember five years ago?  The “recession” (the Crash of 2009) was underway, helping ensure the idiot McCain would crash and burn.  And we are WORSE than then?  And a third more than in 2003?  The American economy is in a slow spiral down into the grave, being pushed there by the current regime in DC, led by the “messiah” himself.  Part of it is the idea that productive people (and even the NOT so productive, but at least willing to work) can and WILL support the ash and trash that litters the land.  And should.  Bad enough that families have to support their own lazy relatives, but when it means supporting entire families that are nothing BUT lazy relatives, we have a massive future of destruction of our economy.

Stupid government – Culture wars: killing babies
Tacoma Mayor: Taking Away ‘Right to Choose’ May Consign Women to ‘A Life of Poverty’


Nathan: I and most all libertarians that I know DON’T want to take away a woman’s “right to choose” – indeed, we want to arm her so that she can make SURE she is going to be able to choose to keep her knickers on, NOT to have sex, NOT to be raped.  This is not, of course, what the Tranzi mayor of Washington State’s second largest city means, of course: she means the “right” of the woman to inflict the death penalty for trespassing on a baby that had no say so in becoming a baby.

Home front – Hoploclasts and hoplophobes
Wisconsin: two openly carrying legally are abused by police

(Bearing Arms) Two men heading to Appleton’s downtown farmers market with AR-15 rifles slung over their shoulders and handguns in holsters swiftly attracted the attention of police officers last weekend.  Now, they’re attracting attention across the Internet, with some gun rights advocates expressing outrage that the pair were held at gunpoint and handcuffed, while others voice frustration at what they consider a foolish and dangerous stunt.  The men, Charles Branstrom, 27, and Ross Bauman, 22, ultimately were released without tickets or charges.

Nathan: Appleton, is (of course) this high-crime rate inner city ghetto/barrio town, worse than Chicago and Detroit rolled into one, and of course the cops are fearful of anyone carrying weapons and justified completely in arresting and handcuffing these men and claiming that they are evil monsters which are just lucking out because they didn’t get gunned down by the Appleton SWAT with its “Peacekeeper” MRAP vehicles auto-cannons.  NOT. One more example of cops who panic and believe their own propaganda, and a police chief more involved in politics than he should be.

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