The Coming Civil War? Oathkeepers’ dilemma

Are things in this nation heating up?  Today’s little DC street scene (reminding so much of Deadwood’s and Hill City’s daily gunfights during the tourist season, except for (maybe) the real blood) is a reminder of just how on edge things are in this land.  What will it take for a major dust-up to develop as the result of yet another person on some kind of psychoactive drugs (duly prescribed, OF COURSE) to trigger not just a hot pursuit and street chase followed by a shootout and sheer terror and panic in DC, but actual sustained and high-intensity combat?  Consider this:

Politics 2013 – Home front
Oath Keepers going “operational

(Info Wars) “Oath Keepers is instructing its 30,000 members nation-wide to form up special teams and sub-teams in each Oath Keepers chapter, at the town and county level, modeled loosely on the Special Forces ‘A Team’ (Operational Detachment A) model, and for a similar purpose: to be both a potential operational unit for community security and support during crisis, but also, as mission #1, to serve as training and leadership cadre, to assist in organizing neighborhood watches, organizing veterans halls to provide community civil defense, forming County Sheriff Posses, strengthening existing CERT, volunteer fire, search-and-rescue, reserve deputy systems, etc., and eventually to assist in forming and training town and county militias (established by official act of town and county elected representatives).” (10/01/13)

Nathan: PLEASE keep in mind the source of this information.  Info Wars has a deservedly VERY bad reputation.  And the entire premise of Oath Keepers is significantly flawed from a christian point of view, AND from a libertarian/self-governors’ point of view.

But IF this information is anywhere near accurate, and IF the members of Oath Keepers respond (as many would expect) “badly” to the treatment of WW2 veterans and others by the regime of the “messiah,” everything COULD heat up a lot, very quickly.  The reference to various government programs (local and state-level) indicates that unlike much of Info Wars’ garbage, this MIGHT have a bit of truth to it.

Keep in mind that too many serving military and police are very simple people who have strong (but warped) senses of right and wrong.  They are doers and not necessarily thinkers.  They want to DO something: not just KILL something (although that is certainly a common response) but ANYTHING that might help to put the bad guy (in their eyes) down and out. And in this case, more and more people – including those military and police folks – think that it is those INSIDE the iron dome and 1600 PA that are the bad guys.  REALLY bad guys.

First reports of the dustup in DC today have a definite odor of panic to them.  Crashing the gate, the police chase, and especially the flurry of gunfire and the pictures of massive security actions (and security forces panic).  And I can guess at the panic INSIDE those big white buildings, especially with the shutdown and the stupid business with the WW2 vets on Tuesday and Wednesday.  How many of those boys and girls in power suits raking in a $100,000+ a year as parasites on the body politic thought that someone was finally coming after them?  The day after Tom Clancy dies, how many wondered which (or how many?) of his plots was being enacted, with THEM (or THEIR Senator or THEIR Congressman, or THEIR Political-appointee-minion-of-the-“messiah”) as the target of bullets, bombs, gas, or a Fairbairn dagger?  It is, so the saying goes, the hit dog that barks.  And there was a LOT of barking (panic) going on in that little piece of DC today.

As regards the Oath Keepers (and those comrades of theirs who think that Oath Keepers are a bunch of right-wing extremists), we need to be prepared for another panic reactions.  What I am thinking of is the same sort of thing as when some people get hyper: after being robbed or surviving an attack, they grab their gun and go after the bad guy, often running him down and shooting him in the back.  This is NOT self-defense, and NOT justified morally.  But this kind of action is likely to be the case if violence breaks out.  Indeed, the recent rash of cops shooting people is perhaps the beginning of the curve, ticking up to spasms of violence coming from both sides.  We’ve seen it happen: Iraq and now Mesopotamia, Turkey, Kurdistan, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Honduras, and more.  It HAS happened here before:  look at Missouri or Bleeding Kansas, or even the flare up in South Dakota that culminated in Wounded Knee.

For the Oath Keepers, setting up A teams may be logical, and may even be necessary, but it isn’t going to be nice.  And who knows WHAT powder kegs those flying sparks will find?

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Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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