Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-39A: African collapse – Government “shutdown”

African Collapse – Islamic war: African front – Stupid government
During Siege at Kenyan Mall, Government Forces Seemed Slow to Respond
(NY Times)  NAIROBI, Kenya — When the first shots of automatic gunfire burst out, Raju, a member of a local gun club, was waiting in line in a bank at the Westgate shopping mall. He crouched down, pulled out his phone and feverishly pecked out a text message: “I am inside and I can confirm this is not a robbery.” Within minutes, his fellow gun club members, neighborhood watch volunteers, off-duty police officers and other armed Samaritans rushed to the mall. They found no command center, no SWAT team — in short, no coordinated government response as heavily armed Islamist militants shot civilians at will.

Mama’s Note: We can’t ever know the full truth, of course, but this seems to give a great deal of depth to what we were already told. At least SOME people there were armed, it seems… and the death toll would have been much worse otherwise.

Nathan:  I suspect that we can and will know a lot more, though.  And the little available so far indicates that government fell flat on its face.  Once more we have proof that the state is unable to carry out the PRIMARY responsibility for which it claims authority and jurisdiction: protecting their citizens from attack.  What is more. if this is correct and the first response was from private volunteers – imagine what it could have been like if most people did NOT assume that the government forces would respond quickly and effectively. and the mall’s owners, the store owners and employees, and the customers and neighbors had given even a LITTLE thought to defending themselves!  This is a lesson which Americans MUST learn and apply:  self-defense, not just in frontier and rural areas, but in urban areas, is something that CAN be done voluntarily and cooperatively with one another: formal or informal.  And it MUST be planned, at least a basic concept: even if all it is doing is following basic concepts like standard military planning and its civilian spinoff, NIMS.  And MUST be planned based on the assumption that government forces (whether police or sheriff or state) are either NOT going to be available or are going to be part of the problem!

Politics 2013: “Shutdown” – Stupid government tricks (3 stories)
Treasury Was Open for Business on 3rd Day of ‘Shutdown:’ Issued $106B in New Debt


In 3 Days of Shutdown, Gov’t Has Spent $3B on HUD–Same as Without Shutdown

Priests Risk Arrest for Offering Sacraments to Catholic Troops During Shutdown
(  Contract priests at military installations were ordered NOT to celebrate mass, and instructions went out that they could not even volunteer (instead of getting paid) to do it.  Most, it seems, ignored it, and apparently local commanders have not taken the action demanded by the Pentagon.

Nathan: Three of MANY stories demonstrating that the “shutdown” is bogus and hyped, and that what IS shut down (about 1/4 of US civilian employees and a long list of national parks, monuments, forests, other USDA offices, much of the Departments of Interior and Energy and Commerce) is planned intentionally and carefully to punish the American people by inconveniencing them and American business by stinging them.  Some of the examples I know of personally:  The scenic overlooks on the highways (State Highways) around Mount Rushmore were closed off – not by SD Highway Patrol or Sheriff’s Deputies (as many people were claiming), but by National Park Service rangers on orders from above: the same orders as given in DC for the National Mall.  I can’t find out if they did the same at Wind Cave National Park, where there are many scenic overlooks on the roads.  Mesa Verde is also closed, but they are having some problems because a lot of people live up there, and because there is a privately-operated hotel and campground.  But the new visitor center is closed, of course, and barricaded off.  We can get weather information, but very little of the data normally available for historical climate information: same for the soils data from NRCS and wetlands data from FWS. Agencies supporting tribal governments, including their finance departments (the interaction and mingling is intense) have been shutdown, meaning that contractors and vendors as well as basic functions (road maintenance, etc.) are grinding to a halt.  In DC, those nasty evil veterans are getting their wheelchairs oiled, fueled, and resupplied with ammo, and getting hopped up on all their meds, to assault and take back ALL the memorials that have been closed (despite the fact that they are normally open 24-7 withOUT security), and keep them permanently free of federal agents – or so some of my spies in the WW2 veterans camp are saying.  That may be as soon as today (Monday the 7th).

The goal seems to be to get businesses and individuals so mad at the GOP for refusing to roll over and play dead that they will punish them by withholding campaign money and votes.  The GOP, of course, tries to place the blame on the White House and the Dems in the Senate.  A lot of us wish there was a REAL government shutdown, while we stop paying taxes and expecting anything!  And it appears that the GOP story line is being accepted by a few more people than the Demo-“messiah” line, but that may be because my sources are more GOP-philic than not.  Visit the Dally Caller for a fun look at what is going on.

Modern Technology – Economics
After 279 Years in Print, World’s Oldest Newspaper To Go Digital-Only

( [Lloyd’s List, of London, continuously published since 1734, is going digital: only 2% of its subscribers rely on the printed version: everyone else reads it electronically.  It publishes shipping data.

Nathan: Its owners and publisher and editors are obviously NOT your usual media types: they know how to provide for customer requirements.  The List is in business to make money from and for its subscribers, and NOT to make money for its advertisers and act as a propaganda instrument for governments or anyone else.  Would that MORE newspapers understand their purpose as well!

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