Libertarian Commentary on the News, #13-50B: Stupid, corrupt government

Nathan: This may be my last posting for this week, but check back anyway!  Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Stupid (corrupt) government
‘Zero Dark Thirty’ leak investigators now target of leak probe
(McClatchy DC) More than two years after sensitive information about theOsama bin Laden raid was disclosed to Hollywood filmmakers, Pentagon and CIA investigations haven’t publicly held anyone accountable despite internal findings that the leakers were former CIA Director Leon Panetta and the Defense Department’s top intelligence official. Instead, the Pentagon Inspector General’s Office is working to root out who might have disclosed the findings on Panetta and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers to a nonprofit watchdog group and to McClatchy.

Mama’s Note: The whole government has sprung so many leaks… maybe it will bleed to death pretty soon. Investigating each other at least diverts a little of their attention, I guess.

Nathan: Yes, once upon a time, Virginia, IGs were involved in rooting out corruption in military units and government organizations, not uncovering people who blew the whistle ABOUT corruption.  But times have changed, haven’t they?  The government must protect itself from those evil people who believe that government is to serve the people (and NOT for lunch) and that honesty in government is a valued quality and not a defect in the system.  There is always, of course, a real fear that the whistleblowers and leakers in government agencies are really double-agents, trying to create a situation that will discredit the watchdog groups and political opposition.  And it is also very difficult to draw the line between just blowing the whistle and actively attacking and destroying the ability of the agency to function.  Such attack and destruction is not necessarily offensive in nature, as it can be purely defensive.  But the stakes are raised significantly and the risks to all involved increase.  Such revelations can (or at least have, elsewhere in the past) lead to a complete collapse of the agencies – and even to open revolt.

Culture wars: “homosexual marriage”
Federal Judge: Right to Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘Deeply Rooted in Nation’s History and Implicit in The Concept of Ordered Liberty’

( Utah: The judge argued that the Fifth Amendment, ratified in 1791, and the Fourteenth Amendment, ratified in 1868, are the two provisions of the Constitution that have guaranteed the “existing right” of a man to marry another man or a woman to marry another woman. – See more here.

Nathan: Another headline reads “Judge Strikes Down Traditional Utah Marriage Laws, Calls Them Irrational.”  This is just a week since a judge declared Anti-Polygamy laws in Utah (put there on demand of the US Congress 120 years ago) also unconstitutional. Are the lawyers for the LDS in Salt Lake kicking themselves for not claiming this argument way back then? The logic here for the most part escapes me. If this idea was applied across the board, then tens of thousands of laws at the state and federal level (and hundreds of thousands at the local level) would instantly have to go away.  But there is another more telling point overlooked. Can politicians OR judges at ANY level totally redefine a plain English word?  For centuries, “Marriage” has meant a man and a woman, and when you trace the word to its equivalent in Anglo-Saxon, German, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, that definition has been in existence for millennia: probably at least 5,000 years.  If what this judge is saying is that any two people have a right to contract for some sort of bond or partnership and call it “marriage,” then why do any two people not have a right to contract for ANYthing and have it deemed legal, whether it is a contract for medical services (regardless of “licensing”) or for sale/purchase of recreational drugs, or for procuring murder services, or whatever else.  And at the same time, this judge apparently says that Congress or a legislature has the power to define a tail as a leg so that all dogs are five-legged.  To define truth as lies, war as peace, and liberty as tyranny.  If this principle canNOT be applied across the board, then WHAT authority is there for limiting it just to marriage – or just to “homosexual marriage between two persons” – why can it not apply between three or four or eight or ten?  Looney-style gang marriages?  700-woman harems?  Two, three, four or more men sharing a single woman?  Islamic-style “temporary marriages of convenience” to “protect public morals?” (That is a hoot.)  And why does not a right to contract whatsoever we will (the “open liberty” clause) not trump laws about felons owning guns or requiring background checks or Jonestown style suicide pacts or selling organs?

Mama’s Note: Seems obvious that the real problem is government involvement in the private lives of individuals, across the board, for any reason. A person can define “marriage” any way they please, obviously, and it only becomes a problem in trying to communicate to others who define it otherwise. Not a government concern, if there even is such a thing. A person can have as many five legged dogs as he can feed without resorting to theft… Nobody else’s business as long as they don’t keep the neighbors up at night with their barking, I suppose.  But then, that would be a matter of negotiation with the neighbors and still no business of any government.

The “messiah” – African collapse
Obama Tells Congress He ‘May Take Further Action’ in Turbulent South Sudan

Nathan: Oh “HE” may take further action.  What about the (former) powers of Congress – look, not even Kim or Chavez could claim this kind of power.  South Sudan is a mess and US troops are making it more of a mess. We have already taken casualties (no KIA yet, or at least none reported) and all we are doing is meddling in the internal affairs of two supposedly sovereign nations.  If we really wanted to help, we’d buy and donate some of those Korean War M-1s and M-1 carbines and ammo to the families threatened by the thugs from all sides.  But of course, that would be EVIL because we are allowing civilians to be armed.

Mama’s Note: The more this evil, imperial want-to-be god talks, the worse it gets. What was that old phrase about pride going before a fall? The fall of this one should be epic.

Abominable Act (ObummerCare)
Krauthammer: ‘Huge Gov’t Bailout’ of Health Insurance Industry at End of 2014

Nathan: Is there going to be a US government by the end of 2014, anyway?  Of course, with a solid Democratic (and Tranzi) Congress “behind” him, perhaps “HE” might just go ahead and draft all of the medical personnel into the Public Health Service, issue them uniforms, and make them work for a “reasonable” pay scale.  And nationalize all the companies that run and operate medical facilities, especially those that are city and county and state government owned and operated.  Single payer, single provider: a government monopoly of health care, just like a government monopoly of force and delivery of first class mail.  There, wouldn’t life be simpler?  Congress could just delegate everything to “HIM” and “HE” could dictate everything: what drugs are allowed, what procedures are allowed for what people, what the costs are, how much they get paid, and all the rest!  Bailout?  No, TAKEOVER!

Mama’s Note: And as if that wouldn’t be bad enough, I fully expect a full out “war” on any kind of alternative medicine and a witch hunt for professionals who refuse to join the chain gangs. It won’t happen all at once, of course, but gradually as any actual care deteriorates and the entitled masses scream for government to “do something.” They have no idea how terrible it will be when the only “health care” available is performed by the same sort of people as they see at the DMV.

The “messiah”
Obamacare Problems Tighten Key Senate Races


Nathan: One more reason for “HIM” to just take over.  Let us go back to traditional ways, and do it by decree (Executive Order).  By the power vested in me by God and Mother Earth, as President of the Americans, I hereby appoint the following individuals for the positions as indicated:

Senior Senator for Alabama, Marie Antoinette Carter, Junior Senator for Alabama, Louis Bourbon Wallace; Senior Senator for Arkansas, John Jay Rockefeller VIX, Junior Senator for Arkansas, Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky; and so on.

Appoint them for life, of course, since that is a condition very easily changed when the government (read: POTA) has a monopoly on violence.  No need for “can no one rid me of this meddlesome priest” – just push a button and a drone, assassin, or local cop takes care of the problem.

The “Messiah”
Obama Took More Vacation on Average Than Private-Sector Workers 20 Yrs on Job

Nathan: Of course, “HE” is the anointed “President of the Americans” so he deserves it.  And (as I point out below) these media and political types believe that he must be judged as the unique, irreplaceable, superhuman and mythic hero that he is: not just above the law, but creating the law.

Mama’s Note: “Vacation,” my tush. Say, Mr. President, bet you can’t swim out to that little reef there. (What was that music for “Jaws” again?) Tee hee…

Abominable Act (ObummerCare) – Politics 2014
Schumer: ‘Number 1 Issue in 2014 Election Is Not Going to Be Obamacare…’

Nathan: Hmm.  Does Schumer figure that there won’t be any elections, either?  Which echoes my thoughts about just getting rid of these foolish, wasteful, elections.

Mama’s Note: Once again I have to insist that there is absolutely no danger of the “elections” being eliminated. The belief that ordinary people can direct, control or even influence the government by electing “representatives” and so forth is the main fiction that keeps government in power. Most people do believe that government at every level automatically has the legitimate authority to control their lives, and that voting is the way they participate in that control. Both are very powerful myths, and extremely useful to the “rulers.”

Obummercare itself may well not be an “issue” by then, but the meltdown of health care in reality will certainly be one of them. By then it ought to be very clear to most people that having “insurance” is meaningless all by itself, regardless of who pays for it.

The “messiah”
Sen. Manchin: ‘Just Not in the President’s Nature to Pal Around’


Nathan: Well, we can hardly expect him to slum with inferiors, can we?  And we know that he just doesn’t get along with Elizabeth Windsor, because of her track record.  (After all, many people say he was born as her subject, 53 years ago, when she was still learning her job as queen.)  And he just isn’t worthy to hang out with REAL kings like those guys in Saudi Arabia, by his own admission.  Seriously, the “messiah” is already being treated like some superhuman demigod by these people; he can’t be judged on the same level as the rest of us.

Mama’s Note: Sure, but he’s not immune to flirting with well stacked Nordic blonds at funerals. Did you see those photos? If looks could kill, Moochelle would have wiped them both out right then and there. I wonder what the blond got out of the deal, actually. That could not have been popular with the folks back home.

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