Flags and Honor, Part II

By Nathan Barton

Racism in the Southern Cross?  Personal Liberty reports on a national poll. The CNN/ORC poll claims that 57 percent of Americans say that the Southern Cross flag is a symbol of Southern pride. That’s compared to just 33 percent who feel the flag is a symbol of racism. When broken down along racial lines, however, it’s apparent that black and white Americans have very different views about the flag. Among whites, just 28 percent feel that the flag has racial undertones. Seventy-two percent of black Americans, meanwhile, say the flag is racist.  Funny, huh?  In their bigoted little minds, Tranzis (and pandering politicians of both the old parties) would rather run roughshod over the liberties of 2 of 3 Americans when it comes to the flag (just as they want to run over the liberties of millions concerning ramming “same sex marriage” (SSM) down our throats), than stand up for free speech.

Mama’s Note: Interesting numbers, if you trust any kind of survey. But the numbers have nothing to do with liberty or what is right. Neither government nor the “will of the majority” has any legitimate authority to dictate the behavior of anyone who is not actually aggressing, harming other people. If people find a flag, or someone else’s personal relationships, “offensive,” or attaches any other meaning or feeling to it, that is nobody’s problem but their own.

Several liberal and a few “conservative” commentators claimed that if the flag was offensive to our neighbors, we should stop flying it “out of courtesy.”  For example, David BrooksWell, I guess, in my view, the reason the [Southern Cross] flag should come down is just a matter of civic politeness. I have said this before on this program. If a large percentage of your fellow citizens disapprove of something, fine, just be civically polite and accept their offense and say, no, I’m going to respect you. In both these issues, there is a large culture war element. What Donald Trump was exploiting was the fact that people like us and people like my newspaper would come down hard on him for saying those things about immigrants. The same with the Confederate [sic] Flag. If you can get the East Coast and West Coast establishment and the mainstream media against you, you win points in certain circles.”

Hmmm.  Does that apply to the Rainbow Flag of homosexual activism?  Or to the Planned Parenthood logo on a local building or in a newspaper ad?  Or perhaps to the smug faces of Clinton, Pelosi, and the Tyrant himself?  Maybe: it seems that ANY image – like a statue, of great leaders like Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and John Bell Hood must be removed, defaced, or desecrated, because they “offend” some people.  There have even been calls to tear down the Jefferson Memorial, because he was a slaveholder and supported the right of states to secede.

All of which shows, more is yet to come. In New Orleans, the predictions of myself and many others about the ban on the Southern Cross would expand into a general pogrom against many symbols, not just of the South but of many other causes and regions, is coming true.  Emboldened by the “success” in South Carolina, the nutcases are out in force, and being led by the Mayor of New Orleans, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. They want total amnesia when it comes to ANYTHING to do with the War Between the States, the existence of slavery, the founding of the city of New Orleans, and apparently Royalty and certain US presidents.  The list is so long it is hard to figure it out, to tell you the truth.  The mayor cites these as “public nuisances.” One of the symbols attacked is the fleur-de-lis, now a symbol of the New Orleans Saints, and taken from the flag and arms of the Kingdom of France, and used at one time to brand runaway slaves when recaptured.  Of course, this same symbol is used by Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and in other places: don’t know what would happen to them.  (For that matter, the name of the city itself should be changed: “Orleans” is both the name of a French city AND a royal dynasty.  Away with the old and offensive!)

In Memphis, Tennessee, the city is apparently very close to digging up the bones of General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, as reported by Breitbart News on Saturday. The city council, even nuttier than the people in N’Orleans apparently, want to sell the statue (what, now just melt it down, like the Taliban does?) of Forrest as well:  all evidence of the past must be eliminated.  This is Tennessee, but Memphis has long been Tranzi/Progressive and so is obviously well on its way to becoming a totalitarian type regime.  Ironically, although Forrest DID establish the KKK, it was as an organization to resist the Northern Occupation (the Reconstruction) and he later decried the racist bent the organization took.  (Especially in light of the 20th Century example of Democrat Robert K. Byrd.)

All of this points out the obvious; government is under control of the criminally insane, and we have let them run wild. We are past the totalitarian visions of Stalin and Hitler and Mussolini, maybe even past that of “Brave New World” and “1984” and even “Fahrenheit 451.”  An example of excellent satire is found at The People’s Cube.com where they call for the removal of virtually every state flag in the Fifty States, as being offensive in one way or another: racism, sexism, “enslaving” of animals, “Confederatism,” “Imperialism,” and more.  The only offense I think that they might have missed is to vegans: the Wyoming State Flag does have a buffalo on it.  Colorado’s flag has a gold disk on it: that is “wealthism” and promoting earth-raping, South Dakota’s flag has “The Mount Rushmore State” on it: do you realize that all of those carved on that mountain are old DEAD WHITE MEN?  Sexist AND Racist AND promoting “American Exceptionalism.”

There are now calls (from the NAACP) to deface the carving of Confederate leaders (Davis, Lee, and Jackson) on Stone Mountain, Georgia.  This is ironic, given that both Davis and Lee opposed slavery, and Jackson (though he never expressed his opinion of the institution) was well known in his hometown as a friend to blacks and apparently purchased or accepted the gift of a number of slaves for the express purpose of freeing them.  But that is not enough to remove the Confederate taint from them.

This is from Fox News and NOT the Onion (or The People’s Cube): Wal-Mart refused to sell a high school class ring with a rebel mascot and a tiny copy of a Southern Cross flag on it, which had been ordered before the politically-correct and very stupid owners of Wal-Mart announced no more Southern Cross merchandise was to soil the hands of their associates.  At least they gave her money back.  And didn’t try and have her arrested for treason.  And THIS was in Arkansas!

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