Libertarian Commentary on the News, 20 July 2015, #15-29A: Drums of War

By Nathan Barton

War came back to the Homeland again last week. Constantly on Friday, I heard the statement reported over and over that the investigators were unable to “determine the motive” of the young man who killed four Marines, wounded another and a Navy NCO and a cop, and was killed in Chattanooga.  Determine the motive?  He was Muslim, immigrated (and became a naturalized US citizen), but in recent years has traveled extensively in Jordan and Yemen.  And a tweet claimed to be posted by the Caliphate (ISIS), at almost the same time that he first opened fire at the recruiting station, praising the attack.  With hundreds and thousands of Islamists in the Fifty States, and with constant harping by the Caliphate in more and more of the world, the motive is pretty clear, even if we can’t confirm it for certain because the guy is dead.  Whatever the exact motive for him attacking these specific targets, the overall motive was to attack the Great Satan. 

Now, I had just accepted the “standard” terminology of this being a “terrorist attack” (except, of course, for those who claim it to be “workplace violence” or “class warfare” or something similar), but a valid question was raised.  Is it “terrorism” when a military installation is attacked, even if NOT by a “legitimate” combatant?  Even when the installation is well “behind the lines”?  In most of the 1700s and 1800s, a “recruiting depot” (recruiter’s office or station) would not have been considered a legitimate target of war (except, of course, by federal forces during the War between the States), but armories (reserve centers) were even then legitimate targets of war.

Of course, the example of the Allies’ attacks on Germany in 1939-1945 (and vice versa) made all of these “legitimate” so, yes, it would seem that this is NOT a “terrorist” attack but just a normal wartime attack.  Since the man was apparently an American citizen (whether he was honest in his naturalization process or not), if he had survived he probably could have been charged with treason as well as violation of the laws of war on behalf of the power (the Caliphate) to whom he switched his allegiance, as he was not in a recognizable military uniform or vehicle (Mustang convertibles being rarely used as combat vehicles, and with no Caliphate/ISIS/ISIL markings).

The situation with the erstwhile Major Hasan is different, as he was actually serving in the uniform of those he killed and wounded: he should be tried as a traitor as well as murderer.  As that may be, the major point for lovers of liberty to remember from these incidents, especially the most recent, is that the victims had been denied the means to defend themselves against homicidal maniacs, by government edicts.

Russia continues to work to strengthen its defenses, as NATO pushes more against Russia in various ways, including a major exercise in Moldava (formerly a part of Romania and then the USSR).  The Chicago Chronicle reports that Russia is implementing plans for a reserve army first put out about three years ago.  Meanwhile, 800 NATO troops (including Americans) took part in exercises in Moldava, west of Ukraine in “Joint Effort 2015,” as reported in the Omaha World. This is naturally encouraging Russia to prepare for the worst, together with the constant rhetoric of condemnation put out by DC and others in the West,

Meanwhile, the killing in the Middle East continues, or at least attempts to kill are continuing in places with surprising victims and perps.  It is reported in the Independent that a string of unsuccessful bombings (no one killed) in Gaza this weekend are NOT due to Israeli warplanes or artillery, but the Caliphate attacking Hamas.  Huh?

Other News:

The CDC used to be an example of a “good” government agency that seemed to provide a needed service in a fairly decent manner.  That reputation was totally sullied by a series of revelations, and now we have this.  Political Outcast reports on a new CDC report on Salmonella, warning farmers not to kiss their poultry – that’s right, don’t kiss your chickens.  What a timely warning, right?  Apparently they have nothing else better to do than state the obvious?  (Okay, maybe readers are not familiar with farmyard chickens, and exactly what they are willing to eat, and what their hygiene practices are: gross and disgusting, and anyone with a lick of sense is not going to kiss or even cuddle with a chicken.)  But the other thing (that Political Outcast doesn’t even touch on) is how politically incorrect in this modern world of “SSM” and other sexual orientations being mainstreamed it is for the CDC to warn against such a practice.  Is this not demeaning to those who are oriented towards having sex with avians, and who certainly can be expected to know how to practice safe sex with chickens or turkeys or penguins?  (Or, I suppose, emus and others.) What would we do without government to warn us about things like this?

Mama’s Note: Why should it matter to anyone else? People can kiss (or have sex with) their chickens, poodles or goldfish. Not my problem, and none of my business. As long as they don’t expect me to pay for the animals or the medical treatment that results, I just don’t care.

In an odd and apparently non-controversial move, according to Truth in Media, a town in New Hampshire has totally wiped out all its laws and regulations related to gun ownership and carry, after an incident in a town park.  Supposedly some of the ordinances have been in effect since 1763, the end of the French and Indian War, when New Hampshire was still a royal colony. It is an example that needs to be copied by a few thousand other towns in the Fifty States.

Just what are they thinking: In France, President Hollande calls for creation of a Euro zone government, according to Reuters. “Francois Hollande called on Sunday for the creation of a euro zone government and for citizens to renew their faith in the European project, which has been weakened by the Greek crisis. Reviving an idea originally put forward by former European Commission chief Jacques Delors, Hollande proposed ‘a government of the euro zone (with) a specific budget as well as a parliament to ensure its democratic control.’ The French president said the 19 member states of the euro zone had chosen to join the monetary union because it was in their interests and no one had ‘taken the responsibility of getting out of it. This choice calls for a strengthened organization, an advance guard of the countries who will decide on it,’ he said.”

Think about it: take a typical place in Germany:  it already has SIX levels of government: Stadt, Kreis, Land, the Federal government in Berlin, the European Union, and the United Nations: now Hollande wants a SEVENTH one.  Even for lovers and worshippers of the State, is that not just a wee bit of overkill?  For those of us who are rational and understand the dangers, it is seven too many:  How many parasites do they need?  But the insanity of Hollande and Delors is beyond understanding.

Mama’s Note: The sad thing is that few of the ordinary people involved will even protest another layer. I suspect they’ve been completely sold on the idea that these politicians and bureaucrats truly have legitimate “authority” for it all, and that the “people” will thereby be kept safe… all history to the contrary neatly ignored. Sad… but they have made that bed and are now doomed to sleep in it. They may object to actually paying for it themselves, but I don’t doubt they think much like the Greek… you can eat your cake and have it too… at someone else’s expense.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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2 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News, 20 July 2015, #15-29A: Drums of War

  1. ” Determine the motive? He was Muslim…”

    Personally, this peculiar inability to pin down motivation is making me suspect they found a shelf full of Bill Ayers books in his house. [grin]


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Far too much worrying about “motive” anyway. Discovering motive is helpful when looking for the perpetrator, I’m sure, but once they are known it doesn’t make much sense to go on and on about it. When the perpetrator has been identified and is dead… why should anyone care?


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