Libertarian Commentary on the News, 21 July 2015, #15-29B: Killing… and then important stuff

By Nathan Barton

Later in the commentary, I discuss one of those “more important” things, concerning a teenage girl in the UK.  She felt like she was dying.

But, at least, her parents let her live, unlike about 3,000 babies killed EACH DAY in America, often for convenience.  But that is not “good enough” for Singer, the Tranzi at Princeton University in New Jersey, who has publicly opined (as reported in Freedom Outpost) that the FedGov should make sure that ObummerCare is used “properly” to kill disabled infants, such as those with congenital birth defeats, possible mental disorders, and the like. Last week’s revelations, if delayed, about the way Planned Parenthood deals with “fetal parts” (human remains) created a wave of controversy and revulsion in some places.  But in others, such as Princeton, it produced the opposite: a call to use ObummerCare to kill MORE children: “dealing” with disabled infants as less than human.

Seems like the Tranzis are missing an opportunity here: why not just take some of these babies and keep their organs alive to let them mature so that they can be used for transplants: kidneys, livers, hearts, even lungs and all the rest.  After all, they are just spare parts, right?  I do have to note that I do not really understand many people – most people?  The horror is NOT the chopping up and selling the parts although that seems to be the really horrific thing for many commenters: it is KILLING the babies in the first place that is the real evil and horrible thing.  “Desecration of the remains seems to be pretty minor compared to deliberately killing the child in the first place (either before OR after “they can feel pain”).

But we have more important things to worry about, I guess.  This from the UK: Maybe she could just learn her lesson about what she sticks in her mouth?  A story in the Manchester Guardian tells of a teen girl who ate the spicy “Roulette” Dorita chips (apparently paying attention to suggestions for eating games but ignoring the warning on the package), and is screaming and crying that she thought she was going to die. The only pity or sympathy I feel for this little crybaby is because her parents apparently failed to raise her in a decent manner to be responsible for her own actions and to think for herself.

The attack and killing of US Marines and a NAVY NCO last week, stateside, as part of the continuing war with Islamicists (probably the Caliphate) has caused a number of responses as well.  Two are of particular interest to me.

In the first, I have a question. What do we defend?  Not our borders, not our federal military installations, for sure.  Not just Fort Hood, but now the facilities in Tennessee.  The squatter in 1600 PA is making that clear.  Of course, they are not without defenders: Freedom Outpost reports that nationally a number of civilians (many NOT veterans) have shown their support by acting as volunteer guards of recruiting centers and reserve centers, since the White House refuses to break THIS law and allow the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen in them to defend themselves, and Congress is (of course) its usual worthless institution. So we have the cart before the horse: civilians defending the military physically.  (Of course, to obey the law, the volunteer armed civilians must stay OUTside the facilities, lest the FedGov make them an example for breaking the law.  The only people who can break laws with impunity are the squatter’s senior (politically-appointed) minions and of course, “law enforcement” officers.

Some active duty personnel, and veterans not now on active duty, are going beyond this, as Freedom Outpost also relates: giving warnings to the Islamic State (the Caliphate) and other Islamist groups that they WILL take action to avenge this attack.  To me, this is going too far (although I understand their mindset): we do not need to worry about vengeance, or taking revenge: we need to be concerned with improving defense of the nation, and of the military installations on our own soil.  Revenge just repeats the cycle of violence: the only attacks that should be made should have as their only purpose the destruction of the enemy’s ability to attack us, and deter other would-be aggressors.  Sadly, that sort of thinking is antique as far as DC is concerned.

It seems that for most politicians, it is not the death of the service people but the “depression” and “hopelessness” felt by the killer that is important.  Perhaps he too ate some very hot Doritos and that is what triggered his murderous outbreak?

Well, good for President Putin: if only a few more American politicians would say something similar!  Black Christian News reports on Putin’s recent remarks about the decay of the “Euro-Atlantic” nations, specifically the bogus “redefinition” of marriage, which betrays (or emphasizes) the West’s lack of faith in God: a practical atheism that beggars the imagination even of former Soviets, who were in and controlled an officially-atheist regime.  At the same time, I don’t give Putin OR the Russians (government or people) THAT much of a pass: like Americans, they are very busy killing their unborn children on a grand and ghastly scale.  In 2013 (last year data is available), 880,000 unborn Russian children were killed.  While down significantly from previous years (15 years ago, it was over 2 million a year), it is still as damning for Russia as for the Fifty States.

What’s another $25 million here or there?  In Afghanistan, when it is a 64,000-SF building, apparently not much, or so Personal Liberty reports.  Built, paid for by US taxpayers, and never used.  Not sure why the Marines needed the place in Helmand, but maybe it was better protected than the reserve center and the recruiting office in Tennessee? Big time fail, and as we all know, success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan.

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