Irrational actions and reactions

Libertarian Commentary #16-07B by Nathan A Barton

Irrational actions: Grocery store chains (Krogers, Safeway/Albertsons, etc.) have long been some of the most ardent of supporters of the USDA’s welfare program for families (“food stamps,” now called SNAP. Will this change? CNS News reports that grocery stores must now expand their “healthy food choices” by having a minimum of 168 items per store, which would be required to offer “seven varieties of qualifying foods in four staple food groups for sale on a continuous basis, along with perishable foods in at least three of the four staple food groups.” The staple foods groups are dairy products; breads and cereals; meats, poultry and fish; and fruits and vegetables.

In addition, the proposal calls for retailers to stock at least six units within each variety, leading to a total of at least 168 required food items per store. Stores which do not do this (provided the proposed rule is put in place, which is highly likely) will not be able to participate, giving up vast revenues. But can they? 168 food items is a LOT in a small convenience-store setting; this very well may see many stores in rural and AmerInd communities being dropped, and even in urban areas, for example the micro-stores that you have at Safeway or King Soopers fuel outlets. Or will the stores buckle under and replace items that people want to buy (and pay their OWN money for), with these mandated items? Government money ALWAYS comes with strings, as we see once again.

More irrational responses: In New Mexico, a prosecutor is to appeal judge’s sentencing of juvenile as a juvenile, in the interests of justice. As reported in the Florence Times Daily, “A New Mexico prosecutor says she will appeal a judge’s decision to sentence as a juvenile a teenager who pleaded guilty to killing his parents and three younger siblings. Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg announced Monday that her office decided late Friday to appeal the ruling regarding 18-year-old Nehemiah Griego because of what Brandbenburg called ‘our continued pursuit of justice.’ … Sentencing as a juvenile would mean that Griego would be released from state custody by the time he turns 21. He was 15 when his five family members were shot and killed.”

Tom Knapp doesn’t like this: For “continued pursuit of justice” read “I’m running for re-election or for higher office;” the option of “trying (or sentencing) a juvenile as an adult” shouldn’t even be available to these ghouls.] Tom, just WHO is the “ghoul” in this case. Age fifteen is MORE than old enough for a “child” to understand the difference between right and wrong, and being morally responsible for their actions (unless they are mentally deficient). This idea that a “juvenile” is given a pass for intentionally going out and murdering someone – even family members – is a perversion. If there is ANY justification for ANY kind of “government,” it is to protect society from people like this man (man, not “child”). If he would butcher his own family, he is a danger to society and letting him out (without a record) in less than six years is immoral. You may very well be right, Tom, that the prosecutor is running for office, but that doesn’t mean that she is wrong in this particular case.

Yet MORE irrational behavior AND prevention of responding in a reasonable manner. In Ohio, a Somalian refugee, almost certainly a Muslim, attacked a restaurant, owned and operated by a christian Israeli Arab, reported in World Net Daily. Results, four wounded with a machete.  No one in the restaurant was armed and they tried to use chairs to stop him. The police shot and killed him when he exited his escape vehicle some distance away. Ohio cannot seem to learn. Too many other states and cities and towns and counties cannot (and will not) learn that self-defense AND defense of others requires WEAPONS. And an understanding that cops CANNOT and WILL NOT prevent such things. At best they can help bring the perp to justice.

Irrational response again? The death of Justice Scalia is sending waves in all directions, and many have already proclaimed this to be murder or assassination.  The timing is definitely upsetting, as Reuters reports, “Spreme Court vacancy upends presidential race.”  “The sudden and shocking death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia opened a new and incendiary front in the already red-hot 2016 presidential race, one that promises to divide Democrats and Republicans and, perhaps, Republicans from themselves. The vacancy on the court, which is now evenly split 4-4 between its conservative and liberal wings, had Republicans calling on President Barack Obama to refrain from choosing a successor to the right-leaning Scalia while Democrats urged Obama to do as the U.S. Constitution requires and put forward a candidate to face confirmation in an albeit hostile Senate. The prospect of such a battle drew swift and furious comment from candidates vying to be elected president in November.”

Eleven months is a long time to go, of course, without one of the nine people who seem to be the ultimate power in the Fifty States right now.  I’m torn, would finding another Scalia in January or February of next year REALLY help the nation?  I don’t think so. Having another Tranzi appointed by the squatter might speed up the demise of the entire rotten system.

Yet another irrational response. Fox News tells us that “A Spanish government employee took a six-year break from work and still got paid before his bosses finally discovered the ruse, local media reported. A Spanish court in January approved his fine which amounted to more than $30,000, according to El Mundo. Still, that’s less than his $42,000 salary he earned each year under the reported scheme. Joaquin Garcia, 69, supervised the construction of a waste water treatment plant in Cadiz, southwest of Seville, the BBC reports. The head of the water company said in court Garcia’s office was near his, but for years he never saw the man. The water company reportedly thought government officials were Garcia’s bosses, and vice versa.” Wow, only an additional 12% tax on his unearned income. That is going to get people to stop doing this sort of thing, robbing the taxpayers twice!

Mama’s Note: I’m curious to know if the water treatment plant got built, and if it is a good job. This guy may have saved the taxpayers a great deal more than what he took, just by not screwing up the project.

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