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It is HOT here…

By MamaLiberty The weather can be extreme here in Wyoming, often and unpredictably, but it doesn’t usually get this hot in July. A round 100 degrees here yesterday, and I realized that I was no longer acclimated to  such heat. … Continue reading

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Aren’t they always?

By Nathan Barton Debby and I somehow got on the SD Democratic Party’s (that’s South Dakota, not San Diego) e-mail list, and now and then we think about unsubscribing (assuming they would let us, and not consider it a form … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen – Don’t Complain!

by Nathan Barton A Baker’s Dozen ™ response to those awful people who don’t like what the government and politicians do: (with thanks to John Whitehead)

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What If? Politics 2016-17

What if? (Fiction by Edward Johnson, provided to Nathan Barton for The Price of Liberty!) Warning: not our usual fare! Mama’s Note: We could get very lost in such speculation. While I appreciate Edward’s story, I would rather have The … Continue reading

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Bakers Dozen ™ Rules for liberty partisans

By Nathan Barton The enemies of liberty are all around us: we must strike and not count the blows; for just one strike, just one effort, is not enough. We are not talking about or advocating aggression against those who … Continue reading

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Does it really matter?

By Nathan Barton We are now in the latter part of July: the old party conventions are starting, and the last stages of the 2016 General Election in the Fifty States will unfold. The actors are being finalized, the stage … Continue reading

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Self-defense, defense of others, or…

By Nathan Barton NOTE: This is the 1,000th published column by me for The Price of Liberty! Self-defense or defense of others, or revenge? Can we answer that question? The Blaze reports on a situation at a Dallas-area Waffle House … Continue reading

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