Which Would You Choose?

By MamaLiberty

I was thinking about this “election” deal a little yesterday, and when I went to sleep last night I had a horrifying dream:

There were teams of heavy horses, each one hitched to a pulling rig. Some were black, some white, and a lot of different color blends, sizes and types.

Hundreds, thousands of cheering people stood around while the “master of ceremonies” asked me which team I wanted to “choose.” He had a hank of rope and was ready to tie me up with it. There was blood spattered everywhere, so it didn’t take me long to figure out what was going on. They were going to tear me limb from limb!

I said that I chose life, liberty and peace instead, and started to walk away… but the crowd seized me and dragged me toward the bloody center, shouting that I HAD to choose one or the other. Not choosing was impossible, “unpatriotic,” treasonous, and evil…

And then I woke up.

Wonder which of those lethal choices the “patriots” will make on Tuesday. It can’t alter the truth of that dream either way, of course. Every choice on the bloody field of electoral politics leads to slavery, and ultimately to death.

Who owns your life? Who has legitimate authority over your life and body? Why would you choose anyone else to own and control you, and see your children and grandchildren dismembered by the political elites who feast on our blood and dreams?

We do live in “interesting times.”

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