The red threat to our American north

With Trudeau’s alliance with banks and financial institutions – authorizing them to freeze and suspend bank accounts of SUSPECTS – we here at TPOL believe that the little weasel has crossed the line officially into Fascism. The financial institutions have been coopted, whether they like it or not, into Trudeau’s war against truckers, protesters, and their supporters and sympathizers.

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“The government is issuing an order with immediate effect under the Emergencies Act, authorizing Canadian financial institutions to temporarily cease providing financial services where the institution suspects that an account is being used to further the illegal blockades and occupations,” Deputy Prime Minister Dictator Chrystia Freeland said. “This order covers both personal and corporate accounts.”

No due process. No “innocent until proven guilty.” No mercy – and hang the law. And trash the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is clear that to Trudeau and a majority of Members of Parliament in Canada (and their pretend “justice system”) it doesn’t apply anymore. Not for people doing something wrong according to the powers-that-be.

(Of course, as we’ve pointed out, that piece of paper has a fatal flaw in its very first article: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. (Emphasis by TPOL.) The gate is wide open for dictatorship.)

Who determines whether the limits are “reasonable” and “demonstrably justified” in Canada? Apparently the cowardly, hypocritical, and powerful Prime Minister Dictator of Her Majesty’s government. My oh my, that sounds like Mussolini and Franco: they both had kings that they “served.” The ghost of Mosley (British Fascist) must be cheering Trudeau on.

The bank business isn’t the only thing, of course. (And right now I am assuming the bankers have mostly already bent the knee.) The truckers and their supporters are “enemies of the state” – terrorists and illegal blockaders and racists. And the order doesn’t apply JUST to those – the bankers can apparently do this to ANY person they want to claim is a criminal, a terrorist, or an obstructionist.

Will Trudeau be asking his good buddy Uncle Joe not just for US troops and intel support to put down this “uprising” but for extradition of Yankees who are supporting the truckers from here in the States?

Meanwhile, I have heard that the first trickle of political refugees from the Provinces are coming across the border with the States. What was once the longest open and undefended boarder in the world – but not since the Pandemic Panic on the heels of the border jumper fiascos.

Many people do not WANT to be inundated with a bunch of Canadians – even if they are “conservative” or “libertarian” by Canadian standards. People fear they will be like the East Germans were after the reunification: bringing MORE socialist ideas to the united Germany. Or like the Californians increasingly fleeing their People’s Paradise and moving to western States where their socialism, social justice, and nanny-state nature (though far less “liberal” than the average in Southern California or the Bay Area) is far to the “left” of most communities in the Rockies, the Great Plains, or Texas.

As Trudeau implements his new fascist order, all the trappings and traps of socialism – more than Canada already has – will appear. Of course, some already have: food and fuel shortages, medicine shortfalls, and more due to the Lockdown and now the trucker strike. Although his recent proclamation of a state of emergency claims the economy is the reason, it is not just political and personal liberty, but economic liberty that is vanishing. And trashing the economy.

As we know from at least Italy, Argentina, and Germany, a collapsing economy often leads to military adventures abroad. Guess who is a nice convenient target of such adventures? (Japan? Norway?Benin? hummm.)

Is it any wonder that more and more people here in the States are calling for the liberation of Canada?

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1 Response to The red threat to our American north

  1. Samuel Boes says:

    Seems to me like our buddy Justin is a flaming hypocrite.
    Didn’t he encourage just these sorts of protests and shutting down a nation’s capital in India (New Dehli) by farmers a year or so ago? The Hindustan Times wrote about that a few days ago:
    And he’s worried about the economy? Funny, when HE shut down the economy in what you call the Pandemic Panic back at the beginning of 2020, he didn’t seem worried then, huh?


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