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Are we ready? (A Baker’s Dozen ™ ways society can collapse)

As we ponder such modern societal memes as “May the Fourth” and “Cinco de Mayo” and even May Day itself, we may contemplate the idea that all societies, all civilizations, have a shelf-life. It isn’t conveniently printed on the label: … Continue reading

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Consent of the governed: REVOKED!

We all know many adages and axioms concerning government. One in particular is that regardless of the form of government, it requires the consent of the governed. It’s been stated many times over the centuries.

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A century of war (Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-31D)

by Nathan Barton Good morning, and a good weekend to all. This commentary is intended, in part, and dedicated to remembering that 100 years ago, a war started that soon spanned the globe, and began a century of horrors, a … Continue reading

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