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A call to liberate children and families

By Nathan Barton In my commentary back in June, entitled “A need to liberate children and family” (and other articles, including many since then: notably my comments yesterday about John W Whitehead’s excellent “Jesus was born in a police state” … Continue reading

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Of Frogs and Universities

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. Over the past half century or so there have been unprecedented changes in higher education which most exquisitely are explained by The Frog Theory. Per Wikipedia, The Frog Theory goes as follows: If a frog … Continue reading

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Bait and Switch: Politics as Usual

By MamaLiberty President Trump: With tax reform we can make it morning in America again With my plan in place, jobs will grow, family incomes will rise and we will make America great again. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Read the … Continue reading

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Hey, it’s just money; or is it?

By Nathan Barton What is the problem? No, it is not just the idea that the answer to all government-recognized ills is to “throw money at it.” That is a symptom of the disease. Three recent stories in Freedom Net … Continue reading

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Taxes and Government Waste

By MamaLiberty I have interesting conversations, even with liberals. A few lately have given me a lot of food for thought, but not much encouragement on the individual liberty front. Most people just don’t seem to “get it,” at least … Continue reading

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Equal justice under law?

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. [With “note” by MamaLiberty] Following President Trump’s February executive order, the Department of Education has been reviewing regulations and guidance to make sure that they “adequately protect students.” Men on college and university campuses are … Continue reading

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School vs. the Gateless Gate: Fixing the Damage

By L. Reichard White (Original publication) ©May 27, 2016 There are indeed, many paths through the gateless gate. This one is fairly easy — and when we arrive at the fence-line, there’s a little trick that will get you through. … Continue reading

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