Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-48A: Irrigation season approaching? Or already here?

By Nathan Barton

Good morning.  The tree of liberty must be watered at frequent intervals by the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is the duty of every lover of liberty to make the tyrants (and their minions) provide the bulk of that nourishing blood.  Without doubt, it is virtually NEVER just tyrants (and their minions) that pay that awful price.

This is no less true in the 21st century than in the six or so millennia past of human history.  For every foe of liberty which is made to pay the price for their wickedness, a new crop arises, like the heads of the Hydra (or sometimes, the dragon’s teeth of Cadmus) which must again be dissuaded from repeating the mistakes of their predecessors.

But no advocate, no defender, no fighter for liberty is totally immune from the temptations that too often make those who proclaim liberty into the next group of tyrants to lord it over their brothers and sisters.  It may take generations for the cycle to come full circle, but each time, liberty is a bit more complete, a bit harder to push back or eradicate, and each time, the flame burns a bit brighter.

But first, the tree must be watered.  And the situation in the world today shows that we are approaching that time.

Some examples, right here at “home” (in the Fifty States) of how liberty is essentially gone and how people are killed in the name of security and safety:

He has a gun and bullets on the cover of his album: this rapper MUST be an evil criminal and MUST have violated his parole and committed a crime as a felon because he has a PICTURE of a gun on his album.  Does this sound childish?  Rather like all the school administrative thugs? As with them, where we have examples almost weekly of children being suspended and sometimes arrested and charged with criminal actions for wearing tee-shirts with guns or promoting some legal rights organizations, wearing tee-shirts with Bible verses, or (Gasp!!) wearing tee-shirts supporting self-defense AND having Bible verses.

A family is fighting for justice because a family member taken hostage by a gang of four was killed in a hail of 600 bullets fired by police, even though the cops knew the hostage was in the vehicle.  Imagine!  These “we serve and protect the people” could not wait to fire an incredible barrage of ammo, in order to save ONE innocent life. This is liberty in 21st Century America.

Just this weekend, cops killed a 12-year-old boy for having a toy gun (they call it a FAKE gun), despite the clearly visible orange tip, and the circumstances.  Again, protecting the innocent in our “free America.”

Of course, some things DO give hope for the future, even if it is just symbolic.  The North Dakota State Senate voted 35-10 to name a new hazardous waste landfill (to be the largest landfill in the State) the “Barack Obama Memorial Landfill.”  It makes the Fuehrer a laughing matter, and that can go a long way to assuage his tyranny.

Although it won’t help the cause of liberty for those unfortunate enough or foolish enough to live and/or work or visit the District of Criminals, it is nice to see the last of at least one career criminal and tyrant who was so revered and awarded by the majority of residents of that heathen place.  So now people are being condemned for referring to the hypocritical tyrant Marion Barry for what he was, a “crack mayor.” What is particularly disgusting and anti-freedom about this is that they are using the infamous FedGov website “” to try and get the FedGov to FORCE people to stop telling the truth about this man.

You don’t have to be in “power” to be a murderous thug and tyrant, of course, or to spill innocent blood. In Afghanistan, an Islamist bomber killed 40 or more people in a suicide-bombing on a volleyball game: no Allied or Afghan soldiers were in the crowd, and the assumed reason is the bomber was upset at the new deal between the Afghan regime and NATO and the US (itself another example of tyranny by the Fuehrer in the FedGov: hidden and without any public or Congressional input).  Although the story does not specify, I suspect that part of the reason for the attack was the “immoral” uniforms worn by both male and female volleyball players, although I seriously doubt the Afghan players wore standard American or Australian volleyball bikini uniforms.  Whatever the reason, it is an attack on liberty and an example of innocent people caught in the middle between two sets of tyrants and their thuggish minions.

As I said, sometimes it takes generations for the cycles: consider that we recently had the 151st anniversary of Honest Abe’s masterful piece of propaganda called the Gettysburg Address. An excellent summary of the hypocrisy of Abe is found here. In reading this review, however, it made me realize that Lincoln’s speech would have made sense and NOT be hypocritical IF it was the graves of Confederate States Army warriors which he was dedicating that day.  I am NOT saying that the CSA was perfect, or anything but wrong-headed in many ways, and the CSA constitutionally was as statist as that which the Founding Fathers had created in Philadelphia in 1787 (which undid so much of the document written in the same city in 1776).  But all things considered, the CSA was more an advocate and defender of liberty than the rump government which sat in DC for those four long years.

More on this idea of the irrigation season for the tree of liberty approaching in future commentary.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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