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Commentary #2000 for The Price of Liberty -thoughts on the prices paid

Today’s commentary is the 2000th published on WordPress, replacing Mama Liberty’s original webzine and going out to the world. Let’s talk a bit about the prices that are paid for liberty: for gaining it, keeping it, and getting it back … Continue reading

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Liberty and personal responsibility

Liberty is impossible without responsibility.  Personal responsibility. This is something that Mama Liberty taught and practiced for her entire life.  It is something that I strive to do, even if I feel sometimes as though I’m failing.  True lovers of … Continue reading

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Government IS abuse

We constantly complain about the abuse we endure from government. Especially the bureaucratic regulatory agencies and bodies of political appointees and elected officials. Government is supposed to (and claims to) protect us from people who would hurt us, who would … Continue reading

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After the 2020 elections…

Let us assume for now that Trump does win the 2020 elections in less than 10 months. That he defeats whatever Regressivist, whether it is Sanders, Biden or Warren (or even H Clinton or M Obama). And that the GOP … Continue reading

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Progressivism and new prohibitions – implications for the future

Given 170 years of Progressivism, the century of history of alcohol prohibition, 80 years of (some) drug prohibition, and more, where do we stand in 2020? (This commentary continues the series, with the original postings found Here, Here, and Here.)

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Liberals of today… – reposting

This short discussion from Madd Medic’s “Freedom is Just Another Word…” webzine is worth pondering. together with the recent commentaries TPOL has published on Progressivism, Prohibition, and the Social Gospel. I’ve used the term “neo-liberal” to describe today’s progressives, but … Continue reading

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A small thing – but a good sign

I am the first to admit it is a small matter, but I for one am glad to see it. According to the Daily Mail, the latest USN nuclear aircraft carrier, fourth of the Gerald Ford class, will be named … Continue reading

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