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A brief look at the 9th Amendment and “gun control”

By Nathan Barton In 2019, much of the Bill of Rights has become a dead letter, honored (but threatened) by words and largely ignored (or avoided through loopholes) in practice.  L Neil Smith, in his BORE initiative, points this out … Continue reading

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Open borders, open houses

By Nathan Barton A common issue which divides many Libertarians, and even those who are anarchists, is the issue of open borders. There are quite a few points that are constantly argued over and over. There is no question that … Continue reading

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“Keep public lands in public hands”

By Nathan Barton The title of this commentary is taken from a sign showing up in Southeastern Utah and other places, trying to counter the obvious attempts by Trump, his cronies, and the GOP (and other evil people like Libertarians) … Continue reading

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Private Property?

By MamaLiberty What is private property? What defines it as private? Why is that important? Just another “food for thought” item. Your comments are welcome!

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