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Do we really expect anything different?

By Nathan Barton Each day, my inbox is filled with stories and emails talking about the extreme views of various people.  On the one hand, the Tranzi (liberal, regressive) press and political leaders scream about the horrific attitudes and actions … Continue reading

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Republic or Empire: what the American military is not

By Nathan Barton Many people over the years have compared Rome to America (what is now the Fifty States), in various ways.  Good and bad.  Fortunately, most of the similarities are superficial, and there are many differences.

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Republic or Empire – What is the American military?

By Nathan Barton The entire issue of “transgender” military personnel is again in the news, with the new “ban” announced to take effect in April, as reported by Jewish World Review. It brings to mind some basic questions. Whether the … Continue reading

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What’s really going on? Statistics and crime.

By Nathan Barton Mama Liberty and I frequently discussed the degree to which we could trust government-generated statistics, and how much of this data was faked, twisted, or fudged/nudged to meet the requirements of the powers-that-be, specifically to keep the … Continue reading

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Telling them bluntly

By Nathan Barton A few days ago, I published a commentary about “Gungrabbers Anonymous” and mentioned folks in Maryland dealing with the legislature there over new, unconstitutional, immoral, and stupid gun laws.  They are forming a “We will not comply” … Continue reading

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Reprint: Empowering ourselves

Editor’s note: I am reprinting many of Mama Liberty’s older commentaries, with a few added comments of my own (in italics).  This commentary fits in very well with my recent and upcoming “Gungrabbers Anonymous” and “Tell them bluntly.” By Mama … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Heartland

By Nathan Barton This commentary comes from a long-time friend and correspondent in the Sand Hills of Nebraska and South Dakota. I think it shows how liberty works in a small if very widespread community, where in times of crisis, … Continue reading

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