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CalExit heating up

By Nathan Barton As political conditions turn more and more sour across the Fifty States, it appears that some folks are working hard at opting out. Not giving up on electoral and other traditional politics as so many of us … Continue reading

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Hong Kong and liberty

By Nathan Barton In July, the Heritage Foundation rated Hong Kong as the MOST economically-free nation in the world, giving it 89.9 out of a possible 100.  Not  politically free, but economically-free.  They (and we) recognize that the two DO go … Continue reading

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Reposting: Mama Liberty’s “The Free Cheese”

To all our readers: In going back into the files while trying to fix the recent two-week shutdown, I’ve again found some of Mama Liberty’s columns, and here is one to share again – especially since (though it is but … Continue reading

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A brief look at the 9th Amendment and “gun control”

By Nathan Barton In 2019, much of the Bill of Rights has become a dead letter, honored (but threatened) by words and largely ignored (or avoided through loopholes) in practice.  L Neil Smith, in his BORE initiative, points this out … Continue reading

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We’re back!!!

By Nathan Barton The resolution of the shutdown of is complete!  After two weeks, Mama Liberty’s work is back on-line. Thanks to many people for their help – my own lack of skill and knowledge worked against me, and … Continue reading

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Where is there liberty?

By Nathan Barton This is a test posting.  If you are able to read this, please let me know at  

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Win-win for humankind?

By Nathan Barton As I’ve pointed out before, madness seems to be growing (or at least more visible) in the Fifty States today.  Much of that is a nihilistic sort of insanity: people who are self-destructive and reject not just … Continue reading

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