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Downward spiral into what?

By Nathan Barton These days, it is easy to be pessimistic. When you see how some of the more dire predictions of various observers seem to be coming to pass, it doesn’t take much to decide that we are rapidly … Continue reading

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Racism in Geography – A Case Study and Speculations

By Nathan Barton Warning: Massive rant ahead! Maybe even a tirade. Government destroys everything it touches: makes it worse and worse until at last, there is nothing (worthwhile) left. Last week, in the news in South Dakota, we found that … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 30 October 2015, #15-43E: More stupid government tricks

By Nathan Barton Isn’t this thing supposed to be PROTECTING against threats from the air, not be one?  In Pennsylvania, a multi-billion-dollar Army blimp crash-landed after wild chase by F-16s.  As reported by the Los Angeles Times, “After a wild four-hour jaunt … Continue reading

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Future Death of Government? A look back from 2020

By Nathan Barton Looking back from 2020, what mistakes did the US make in 2000-2015? Could we have done something to avoid the catastrophic collapse of the last five years?  Thirteen items come to mind.

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