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Downward spiral into what?

By Nathan Barton These days, it is easy to be pessimistic. When you see how some of the more dire predictions of various observers seem to be coming to pass, it doesn’t take much to decide that we are rapidly … Continue reading

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Racism in Geography – A Case Study and Speculations

By Nathan Barton Warning: Massive rant ahead! Maybe even a tirade. Government destroys everything it touches: makes it worse and worse until at last, there is nothing (worthwhile) left. Last week, in the news in South Dakota, we found that … Continue reading

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Good Morning America!

By MamaLiberty I LOVE the smell of cordite and the sound of gunfire in the morning! Have you ever been to an Appleseed shoot? I’ve been to four of them, three as a participant, and the last one at my … Continue reading

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A rebuttal: Christians and Law Enforcement

By Nathan Barton Author’s Note: As we see the uptick in cops getting killed, cops killing others, terrorism, and the associated screams and panic, it is important to look at some basic principles regarding justice, law enforcement, and related matters. … Continue reading

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Election SIT-Out

By MamaLiberty Two good posts at LRC blog today by Michael S. Rozeff: #Election Sitout Sit-ins used to be popular. I recommend a SIT-OUT. I recommend an ELECTION SIT-OUT. And Effects of #VotingSitout A #VotingSitout is partly symbolic, partly motivational, … Continue reading

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The net is being gathered – Do you know where YOUR liberty is?

By Nathan Barton Watch them circle around the drain and go down. Despite many claims to the contrary, our liberties are vanishing like moths consumed by a torch. One of the latest regards the Gadsden Flag. The Volokh Conspiracy reports … Continue reading

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“Libertarian” Party Joins the Old Parties?

By Nathan Barton Thanks to the folks over at JPFO for this: Bullets First bluntly reports VP candidate William Weld’s interview on REVOLT TV: Libertarian VP Wants to Ban Guns; Rifles are “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Except that Bullets First … Continue reading

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