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Guns, crime, and … diapers

Libertarian Commentary #16-11B By Nathan A. Barton What gives?  This is the kind of story that normally pops up on a dozen pro-gun and pro-self defense websites, but THIS one showed up on the daily headline news e-mail from the … Continue reading

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American Cities: Cesspools of Evil

These three stories passed across my desktop and point clearly to the hideous nature of cities, especially in America.  Liberty does not thrive in cities: indeed, it may not be possible for liberty to survive in the long term in … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News #12-53A: Killing and guns and lies

This week the beginning-of-winter doldrums continues in the news:  it seems that 80% of the stories have to do with the Sandy Hook killings and the “fiscal cliff” – both of which seem to be perfect examples of politicians and … Continue reading

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Larry Correia’s JPFO Article: When it IS time to shoot…

A good many TPOL readers have hopefully read and benefited from Larry’s five-part article at the JPFO website, which begins here: “An opinion on gun control – Part 1” Larry is an excellent fiction writer with a personal history that … Continue reading

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